Online Licensing - Youth Camp Program

License Applications

Initial applications and renewal applications must be submitted using the Online Licensing System. Please submit your application as early as possible.

Effective January 9, 2023, all Youth Camp Programs Initial and Renewals are required to be submitted online through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System. You will need to create an account to submit your application online. For more information, visit our website at

To start Application, visit our website

  • New User must create a new online account. Log in with the one-time password emailed to you to access online services. (Make sure to change password after successfully created an account)
  • To apply for New License application:
    • Choose the board Youth Camp Program
    • Select “Initial Youth Camp License”, then click select
    • Follow the steps and enter all information required
    • Provide all Camp Information (open and close dates, on site contact, etc.)
    • Attach the Youth Camp Pre-licensing Inspection Questionnaire
    • Review application summary, then submit
    • After submission it will ask to pay now or later
    • Once paid, application will be in queue for processing
  • To Renew existing License:
    • Under Additional Activities, select “Add Licenses to Registration
    • Select Yes, then click next
    • Choose the board Youth Camps Program
    • Choose license type Renew Youth Camp License, then click next
    • Enter:
      • License Number
      • Organization (Business) Name
      • Physical business location’s Zip code
      • Finish security captcha questions, then click next
  • Confirm if the information is correct, then hit next
  • Once Completed it will send you back to the main menu, and you should see a renewal listed under “It is time to Renew!”
  • Select the license number to start the process of application.
  • Follow the steps and enter all information required
  • Review application summary, then submit
  • Once paid application will be in queue for processing
  • If there are changes in physical location, DBA, and owner, an initial application will be required
  • Once paid application will be in queue for processing

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at

Amendment Changes

Updates to a license, such as name changes, change of ownership, and address changes are not allowed. An initial application is required for these instances as the license is attached to these items.