Alzheimer’s Disease Partnership


To engage organizations, agencies, institutions, and individuals to work collaboratively to reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) in Texas and promote the Texas State Plan for Alzheimer's Disease.

For more detailed information on the Partnership in a handy flyer, please click here.  


In 2009, the volunteer-based Texas Alzheimer’s Disease Partnership was established by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to help develop and implement the 2010-2015 Texas Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan. The Partnership has since provided stakeholder input to the Texas State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease 2019-2023 and for the upcoming 2024-2028 revision.

The membership is a volunteer network of approximately 200 partners from across the state. The Partnership is comprised of a wide variety of individuals from state, local and community organizations; academic and research institutions; for-profit and non-profit organizations; the healthcare industry; and family members of individuals impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (ADRD).  

Members work together on the following topics to reduce the impact of ADRD: 

  • Risk reduction
  • Early detection and diagnosis
  • Community linkages to treatment, care, and services
  • Disease management
  • Professional and public education
  • Reducing disparities related to ADRD 

Joining the Alzheimer’s Disease Partnership 

Membership is open to any individual who commits and contributes to the mission of the Alzheimer’s Disease Partnership. Members may represent public, private, and non-profit organizations, or themselves as citizens, patients, volunteers, or caregivers.   

Membership Expectations: There are no membership dues. However, members are strongly encouraged to:  

  • Attend quarterly Partnership meetings. 
  • Participate in a workgroup or operational committee. 
  • Share individual and/or organizational updates on activities related to the State Plan. 

Workgroups and Committees: Workgroups address priority issues identified in the Texas State Plan for Alzheimer's Disease. Operational committees address administrative and operating issues. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one workgroup or operational committee. 

Benefits of Membership: 

  • Gain increased insight and understanding of the challenges many Texans face related to ADRD. 
  • Collaborate with a large network of other members to implement the Texas Alzheimer’s Disease State plan and/or to partner on other ADRD projects and activities.  
  • Learn about creative and innovative ways to address ADRD challenges from national, state, and local organizations. 
  • Connect with diverse individuals and ADRD-related institutions to address the burden of ADRD issues in Texas. 
  • Increase awareness of new funding opportunities and useful resources to help with ADRD-related goals. 

Join the Alzheimer’s Disease Partnership 

Those interested in membership should complete the online membership application.