How to Borrow Materials

First Time Borrower

Driving Directions to the Audiovisual Library & ECI/Rehabilitation Library

Who May Borrow

Any responsible individual in Texas may borrow materials from the collection. There is no charge other than payment of return mailing and insurance. Materials from this library cannot be sent outside of Texas.

To be eligible for library services, you must submit a signed Statement of Responsibility form indicating that you have read and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the library and that you accept financial responsibility for the media you borrow. A blank Statement of Responsibility form is provided. Please read, sign and mail or fax it to the library along with your first order. Only one signed form is necessary.

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How to Order Materials

Borrowers may submit a written request for materials. The Audiovisual Library provides a Media Order Blank for this purpose. All of the information must be completed on the media order blank. The order form must be signed. The  media order blank may be mailed, faxed or scanned and e-mailed to

Borrowers may also request media by telephone between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday: toll-free 1-888-963-7111 ext. 7260 or (512) 776-7260 local, or you may fax your order any time to Fax: (512) 776-7474 or e-mail   

Orders should be received by the Audiovisual Library at least four business days in advance of the show date. This requirement allows for processing and shipment.

Austin borrowers may pick up at the front entrance of the Department of State Health Services or may have items mailed to their home or business. If you plan to pick up items at the library, please contact the library at (512) 776-7260 to make arrangements.  Items may be returned by mail or dropped in our overnight drop box at the Warehouse, Room 115, at 1111 North Loop, Austin. Please call for specific directions for locating the library or follow the driving directions.  All items will be shipped via Lone Star Overnight or HHS mail services unless pick up arrangements are made in advance.  

The loan period is for a maximum of ten business days unless other special arrangements are made. Unless the ten days are specifically requested, media will be scheduled for five days.

Group together all items needed on the same dates. Include the catalog numbers for all items. Several items are available in different media formats, such as VHS videocassette and DVD. The catalog numbers distinguish the format and are very important.

New clients may check out a maximum of three items on their first order.

Plan ahead and check your calendar before ordering. Reservations are accepted up to a year in advance of the show date. Do not schedule items to be received or returned on holidays or weekends.

Unless you specify otherwise, any media requested but not available on the dates specified will be booked for the first available date or a similar title will be scheduled for the requested use dates. If you need to cancel these items, do so before the ship date indicated.

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Order Confirmation

Orders are confirmed in writing. Confirmation letters list the titles available, the ship or pick-up date, the date the items must be returned, and the titles not available. Check this information carefully and telephone the Audiovisual Library before the scheduled ship date if any corrections are needed. If you would like to have your confirmation letters faxed to you, please supply us with your fax number.

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Copyright Restrictions

Materials in the collection cannot be duplicated or televised without prior written permission from the copyright owner. Media cannot be shown for commercial purposes, nor can an attendance fee be charged for their showing. Violations of federal copyright law will result in the immediate suspension of Audiovisual Library privileges and prosecution by the copyright owner can result in financial penalties and/or jail.

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Borrower Responsibility

Materials may not be lent by the borrower to others. The borrower accepts responsibility for return shipping costs and for the prompt return of media items, loss or damage beyond repair, copyright compliance, and determining appropriate audiences.

Materials are in great demand so it is extremely important to return them on the scheduled date. Any borrower having three (3) late returns will have their Audiovisual Library privileges suspended. No further confirmed orders will be shipped to borrowers with materials still out that are two weeks or more late being returned. Willful failure to return borrowed media upon request will be viewed as theft of state property in violation of Section 31.03, Texas Penal Code, the conviction of which could, depending on value, result in a fine not to exceed $500 (Class C Misdemeanor), to confinement up to 10 years and a fine up to $10,000 (Third Degree Felony).

Items reserved for pick-up that are not picked up or cancelled will be returned to stock and will count as a late penalty against the borrower's record.

The borrower is financially responsible for borrowed media until its return to the Audiovisual Library. Borrowers will be billed for any lost or damaged media.

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Returning Materials

Return items on or before the scheduled return date. If you need to extend a reservation, telephone the Audiovisual Library at (512) 776-7260 and it will be extended once if there are no other reservations. Extensions should be kept to a minimum.

Borrowers in Austin return media items to the Audiovisual Library. An outdoor drop box is located near the Library entrance to return items after closing. See Driving Directions

Videocassettes should be rewound before return. A condition check is made after each circulation.

Return all supplemental printed material such as study guides with the media. Return all video cases. Such material not returned will cause borrowers to be billed for replacement or a late penalty will be assessed.

Pack materials items in the same shipping containers in which they were received. Return the packing list with the item and indicate usage and any condition problems. A return address label is provided.

Items will be shipped by Lone Star Overnight. You are not required to return them in the same manner but a traceable courier service (UPS, FedEx, Lone Star Overnight) is encouraged. When returning media to the library, videos and DVDs should be insured for $200 each; models should be insured for $100 each; and books, CD-ROMs, and audio CDs should be insured for $25 each. Shipments valued at over $400 should be returned by UPS or similar courier service. Borrowers will be liable for returned uninsured shipments if lost in transit. The user assumes financial responsibility to the State of Texas should items requested be lost, stolen, or damaged from the date received until the materials are received in the Audiovisual Library.

Lone Star Overnight/UPS/FedEx Mailing Address:
Audiovisual Library, Mail Code 1975
Texas Department of State Health Services
1100 West 49th Street, Warehouse Bldg., Rm. 115
Austin, TX 78756-3199

Postal Service Mailing Address:
Audiovisual Library, MC 1975
Texas Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347

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Repeat Borrower

Repeat Borrowers (patrons who have previously ordered from the Audiovisual Library) may borrow up to eight items per shipment. They may place orders using any of the following methods.

  1. Telephone the Audiovisual Library at (512) 776-7260 or toll-free (888) 963-7111 Ext. 7260.
  2. Fax the completed Media Order Blank to (512) 776-7474.
  3. E-mail with the following information included: Name; Organization; Mailing and/or Physical address; Day time phone number, and Alternate phone number; Fax number if you would like your confirmation letter faxed. Please include titles requested along with their catalog number and the date you would like to receive materials and the date you would like to return the materials. (Maximum borrowing period is two weeks)
  4. Mail the completed Media Order Blank to the Audiovisual Library at: Audiovisual Library, MC 1975, Texas Department of State Health Services, P.O. Box 149347. Austin, TX 78714-9347.

If you have questions regarding the procedures, see the First Time Borrowers section or call the Audiovisual Library at (512) 776-7260 or Toll Free (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260.

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Last updated September 24, 2021