Reporting | Contaminated Sharps Injuries

Contaminated Sharps Injury Reporting Instructions

There are two versions of the reporting form. The first form is a one-page form with drop down lists. This version lets you save the form and use computerized data entry.  The other version is a three-page form for manual completion. 

Please only send us one of these forms. Do not send both forms.  

How to Use the Reporting Forms 

The facility where the injury happened should report it. That facility will complete the form and send it to its local health authority. The facility can send their form to one of our regional directors if there isn't a local health authority.  

The local health authority reviews the report and then forwards it to our Healthcare Safety Unit:  Fax 512-776-7616 or 

You can get a copy of the contaminated sharps injury reporting form on one of the links below or from one of our public health regional offices. 

Related Infectious Disease Control Resources

We’ve also compiled a list of related sites for infectious disease control. These will help you get more information about contaminated sharps safety. 

Regional Information

Regional Information

Scott Milton, M.D., Regional Medical Director 

Kelly Northcott, Deputy Regional Director                   


Regional Headquarters:  

6302 Iola Ave,  

Lubbock, TX 79424,  

Mail Code 1899 


Phone: 806-744-3577 

Fax: 806