Preventable Adverse Events

Preventable Adverse Events, also known as PAEs, can happen in health care. They are not supposed to happen.  An example would be surgery on the wrong body part, or a bad injury from a fall. Health care workers try hard to make sure PAEs don't happen.  

The State of Texas decided that most hospitals and surgery centers must report PAEs. As of January 1, 2015, PAEs that happen are reported to the Department of State Health Services.

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Preventable Adverse Events Data

  • View PAE Data from the Texas Health Care-Safety (HAI/PAE) Reports by Healthcare Facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

A compilation of common question and answers regarding PAE Reporting explaining who must report, what must be reported to TXHSN and how and when to report PAEs through TXHSN.

  • PAE FAQs  (PDF, 1 MB)  Revised 04/2018

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