Leishmaniasis ICD-9 085; ICD-10 B55

(Leishmania, Jericho boil, chiclero ulcer, kala-azar, espundia, Dum-Dum fever)


Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease spread by the bite of infected sand flies. There are several different "diseases" caused by Leishmania. In some diseases, the parasite does not spread beyond the site of the bite. This results in a "cutaneous leishmaniasis" (oriental sore, Jericho boil), which often heals spontaneously. In other instances, the parasites may spread to the visceral organs (liver, spleen), resulting in "visceral leishmaniasis" (kala-azar or Dum-Dum fever).

Leishmania Infection Frequently Asked Questions


Leishmania Infection
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Parasitic Diseases
Leishmania Fact Sheet; DPDx-Lab Assistance for Leishmania Infection