Texas PRAMS Data Requests

Texas PRAMS Data Requests - Research Purposes

Requestors may request Texas PRAMS data by submitting a data request application.

How to request Texas PRAMS data:

  1. Complete and submit the Texas PRAMS Data Request Application linked below.
  2. Sign the Texas PRAMS External Researcher Data Sharing Agreement (including signatures of all authors) and upload it to the data request application.
  3. Texas PRAMS reviews data request applications monthly. Once reviewed, Texas PRAMS emails requestors with a decision.
  4. If Texas PRAMS approves the data request application, complete and submit a DSHS Institutional Review Board (IRB) application. Visit the DSHS IRB Forms & Instructions webpage for more information.
  5. Texas PRAMS releases approved datasets approximately six to eight weeks after DSHS IRB approval.

Access the Texas PRAMS Data Request Application

Download the Texas PRAMS Data Sharing Agreement form

Notes for Researchers

When completing the data request application, please note the following:

  • If you request calculations for a survey year that did not meet the response rate threshold, you can request data aggregated in three consecutive years; For example, if you request an indicator from the 2021 survey, expect to receive an indicator calculated from 2020-2022 data;
  • DSHS does not release entire datasets – only variables relevant to the research proposal;
  • DSHS does not complete requests involving exploratory analyses;
  • DSHS does not release continuous variables, including dates (e.g., infant date of birth), mother’s height and weight, and other variables; and
  • DSHS does not release write-in survey responses.

Years of Data Available

PRAMS revises the questionnaire in phases. With each revision, some questions change. While most indicators are comparable across phases, analyzing data within a single phase is often easiest. The data request form lists the years covered by the different phases. DSHS only releases data for survey years in which Texas met the minimum response rate set by the CDC. Texas met the response rate in 2009, 2010, 2015, and 2016.

Due to data collection and weighting methods, PRAMS data is usually available 18 months after the survey year. You may request specific years of data or the most recent year of data available.

Variable Selection:

In your application, list all questionnaire variables you request. Refer to the Texas PRAMS questionnaires and Research File codebooks for a list of variables.

Texas PRAMS Research File Codebooks

Texas PRAMS Questionnaires

Additional resources are available at: PRAMS Questionnaires

For more information contact the Texas PRAMS team at Texasprams@dshs.texas.gov.

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