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CHW Instructor Continuing Education

DSHS-certified Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Instructors of CHWs

What is a DSHS certified CEU?

The training program, the curricula, and the instructor of a Continuing Education Unit must be certified by the Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker Training and Certification Program before it considered a DSHS certified CEU. 
To renew your certification, you will need to complete the required CEUs.  They are available face to face or distance/online depending on the CHW training program offering the course.
Contact the Community Health Work Training Programs for up-coming instructor CEUs in your area.  A complete list of CHW and Instructor Training Programs can be found at the Community Health Worker – Training Information web page.

Scroll down for courses available anytime online.


Title: Presentation and Facilitation Skills: Basics

Cost: Free

CEUs: 2.0 DSHS-Certified Continuing Education Hours for Community Health Workers and Community Health Worker Instructors – Competency Areas: .5 Interpersonal Skills, .5 Capacity Building Skills, 1.0 Teaching Skills

Language: English

Registration/Contact Information: https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/register/222/page1.asp?m=330&c=617; Lori Weber at 512.474.2166 or lweber@cardeaservices.org

Title: Working with Teens to Prevent Pregnancy: Starting the Conversation

Cost: Free

CEUs: 1 DSHS-certified continuing education hour for CHW and CHW  Instructors  (Competency: .5 Knowledge base and .5 Communication Skills)

Language: English

Registration: http://www.cardeaservices.org/resourcecenter/working-with-teens-to-prevent-pregnancy-starting-the-conversation

Contact Information: Lori Weber at 512/982-9168 or  Lweber@cardeaservices.org

CCHD’s National Community Health Worker Training Center, Texas A&M School of Public Health


Title: Helping older adults change their health behaviors to prevent falls

and related injuries: Health Behavior Change Theories

Cost: Free               

Language: English and Spanish sections

CEUs: 5 DSHS-certified Instructor CEUs

Registration/Contact information: http://nchwtc.tamhsc.edu/fall-prevention-curriculum/CHW-Training@tamhsc.edu ; Denise Martinez at dmartine22@tamhsc.edu, 979/436-9360

Title: Training CHW Instructors to Deliver Cancer Survivorship Education to CHWs

Cost: Free

Language: English and Spanish

CEUs: 8 DSHS-certified Instructor CEUs (Competencies: Knowledge Base, Teaching, Communication)

Registration/Contact information: register at http://moodle.tamhsc.edu; email chw-training@tamhsc.edu or call (979) 436-9360

Texas Health Steps Provider Education Modules Texas Health Steps offers free online modules that have been approved as DSHS-certified continuing education for CHW Instructors. 


Language: English

Registration/Enrollment: Online registration/enrollment at http://txhealthsteps.com/

  1. Create a Texas Health Steps account.
    Select the “Course” link at the top of the Webpage.
  2. In the Course Finder, select Promotor(a)/Community Health Worker Training and Certification Program from the “Accreditation” drop down box and select “Find” to search for courses that have been approved for CHW Instructors. This will ensure that you will receive the certificate of completion specifically for CHW Instructors. Scroll down to see the DSHS certified courses.
  3. Enroll in the course
  4. Complete the online pre-test.
  5. Thoroughly read the content of the module.
  6. Complete the on-line post-test.
  7. Complete the evaluation.
  8. Print the certificate.

Save the certificate to send in with your CHW Instructor renewal application.



Last updated November 5, 2018