CHW and Instructor Training

DSHS-Certified Training Programs

Community Health Worker (CHW) training programs are certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Promotor(a)/CHW Training and Certification Program. Training programs provide certification and/or continuing education courses for Promotores or CHWs and Instructors of CHWs. 

Certification courses are at least 160 hours and cover all core competencies (pdf).

Continuing education (CEU) courses are required to renew CHW or CHW instructor certification.  

To locate a training program near you, download this list of Training Programs (PDF). The list includes locations for Community Health Worker (CHW) Certification, CHW Continuing Education Units (CEU), CHW Instructor Certification, and Instructor CEUs.

Contact the individual training programs to ask about the schedule and cost for certification and/or CEU courses.

Distance Learning (Online) Instructor and CHW Certification

Some training programs provide the certification courses online for Instructors and CHWs.

View a list of Distance Learning Training Programs (pdf) that provide the certification course online.

Some training programs also offer online continuing education for CHWs and online continuing education courses for CHW Instructors