Prescription Drug Donation Program

Prescription Drug Donation Program Frequently Asked Questions.pdfThe Prescription Drug Donation Program allows for certain prescription drugs that would normally be discarded to be donated to participating providers. Individuals who would normally be unable to get these medications can receive them from participating providers. The Department of State Health Services’ Pharmacy Branch is the administrator for the program and does not accept nor dispense donated prescription drugs at its warehouse.

Health and Safety Code 442, which governs the Prescription Drug Donation Program, was amended by H.B. 4332, H.B . 4166, and H.B. 4331, 88th Legislature, Regular Session, 2023. The Department of State Health Services is in the process of updating our website and forms to reflect the changes made by the bills. 

Prescription Drug Donation Program Participating Providers

Prescription Drug Donation Program Participating Provider Database

Prescription Drug Donation Program

All donated drugs must:

  • Be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Be dispensed only by prescription.
  • Bear the federal legend "Rx Only" or "Caution: Federal Law Prohibits Dispensing Without Prescription."
  • Be packaged into original sealed, unit-dose packages such as blister-cards, and be intended for human use. *

A prescription drug cannot be donated if it:

  • Is a controlled substance.
  • Has not been stored in compliance with its product label.
  • Is required to have storage temperatures other than normal room temperature. This includes drugs that have to be refrigerated.
  • Is required by the Food and Drug Administration to have a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy.
  • Is adulterated (e.g. changes to the substance without authorization).
  • Is misbranded (e.g. false label statements) or was previously purchased by Medicaid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription Drug Donation Program Frequently Asked Questions

Acceptable Medications for Donation

Unit does medication pack Medication blister pack Medication blister pack
Unit Dose Unit Dose Medication Blister Pack Medication Blister

Medications Not Acceptable for Donation

Prescription bottles without labels Prescription bottles with labels Refrigerated medications" Controlled substance medications
No Labels Prescription

Prescription Drug Donation Program Required Forms

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