Public Health Preparedness - Public Health Region 1

The PHR 1 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Team responds to all-hazards emergencies, such as natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and other public health threats. The PHP team also collaborates with local governments (and multiple other agencies within the region) through the development and exercise of a comprehensive public health emergency preparedness and response plan.  

DSHS PHR 1 Contact Information

DSHS, PHR1                                      
Public Health Preparedness               
3407 Pony Express Way                     
Amarillo, TX 79118                         
Phone: 806-655-7151                      
Fax: 806-373-4757                             

Public Health Preparedness
6302 Lola Ave 
Lubbock, TX 79403
Phone: 806-783-6456
Fax: 806-783-6460

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