Meat Safety Assurance - Public Health Region 1


The Meat Safety Assurance Program in PHR 1 protects public health by assuring that products bearing the Texas mark of inspection are produced from healthy animals that are slaughtered and prepared in a sanitary manner, contain no harmful ingredients, and are truthfully labeled.

The Meat Safety Assurance Division will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, efficiency, and openness. We affirm that public health is a public and private trust. We approach our activities with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility. The public and regulated community alike can be assured of a balanced, sensible, and fair approach to regulation. We respect individuals' rights to achieve and sustain social and economic prosperity as well as expect safe and healthy meat food products.

Department of State Health Services, PHR 1
Meat Safety Assurance Program

6302 Iola Avenue
Lubbock TX 79424
Phone: 806-783-6498
Fax: 806-783-6630

For Meat Safety Assurance Program-related questions, please contact TJ Mayo, Circuit Manager, Meat Safety Assurance, 940-782-1400,


Meat Safety Assurance in PHR 1

The PHR 1 Meat Safety Assurance program regulates 9 Texas inspected meat and poultry establishments. Texas-inspected plants combine the slaughter and processing of beef, swine, lamb, goats, and occasionally other species. Inspected facilities also produce beef and pork into products for wholesale distribution. There are inspected establishments in these cities: Amarillo, Boys Ranch, Lubbock, Post, Shamrock, Slaton, White Deer, and Wolfforth. "Texas Inspected and Passed" products are for "Intrastate Sales Only" and cannot be sold in commerce outside of Texas.

MSA regulates 11 custom-exempt establishments. Custom-exempt plants slaughter and process beef, swine, lamb, and goats without inspection. These products are marked "Not for Sale" and cannot be sold in commerce. Products derived from animals slaughtered without inspection must be returned to the owner of the animals for his/her personal use. CE plants are located in Amarillo, Earth, Hereford, Littlefield, Muleshoe, Perryton, Seminole, Texline, and Wellington.

MSA regulates 1 establishment in Amarillo through a cooperative agreement with the federal inspection system. This establishment is a slaughter and processing plant, primarily distributing beef, pork, and poultry products bearing the federal mark of inspection. Products bearing the federal mark of inspection can cross state lines into interstate commerce.

The Meat Safety Assurance workforce in PHR 1 consists of an MSA Program Veterinarian, one Inspector VI, one Inspector V, and 6 MSA Inspector IV(s). The Inspector IV(s) performs the daily inspection procedures in inspected establishments across the region.  Three additional Inspector IVs provide daily meat and poultry inspection to inspected establishments in Midland, Odessa, and Alpine. 


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