Eligibility and How to Apply – Texas Public Health Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Public Health Fellowship! The online 2023-24 Texas Public Health Fellowship Application will open November 2022. Sign up for email updates to receive announcements and link to the application. All applications will be due February 1st, 2022. Please see How to Apply for more details!


You are eligible to apply and will be considered for the Fellowship if you are interested in pursuing a career in public health and early in your public health career. Fellows may come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and all levels of education (high school diploma, associates, bachelors, masters, doctoral, community health worker). We encourage people from any background to apply.

Are you eligible?

All applicants must be:

  • Early in their public health career with less than two years of full-time, professional experience in public health OR be transitioning into public health from another industry.

All applicants must be willing to:

  • Commit to full-time work (40 hours per week) for one year, from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023
  • Be in person full-time during the Fellowship
  • Live in Texas during the Fellowship
  • Participate in professional development activities
  • Meet expectations of assigned Host Site
  • Provide legal proof of authorization to work in the United States
  • Participate in Fellowship activities with a cohort of up to 36 Fellows

Is the Fellowship a good fit for you?

You should consider applying if you fit one or more of these descriptions:

  • Enthusiastic about and interested in public health
  • Interested in applying my technical background, skill, or expertise to public health
  • Interested in getting experience in a specific area of public health
  • Recently completed a degree or planning to graduate by June 1, 2023
  • Want to gain practical skills and experience before moving forward with masters or doctoral degree

Have you recently completed a degree or will you complete your degree by June 2023?

The Fellowship is a great gap year experience. Whatever your level of education, the Fellowship could be a great fit for you. Perhaps you just finished your high school, associates, bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree and are looking for opportunities to apply what you’ve learned.

Will you be a full-time student during the Fellowship?

If you plan to be a full-time student anytime from June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024, this is not the best program for you. The Fellowship requires Fellows to commit 40 hours per week during regular business hours to the Fellowship. We recommend focusing on your degree and applying once you’ve graduated.

Are you interested in transitioning your career into public health?

Perhaps you’ve worked in a different industry and are interested in applying your expertise to public health. The Fellowship could be a great way to become familiar with the field and initiate your career in public health.

How do I apply to become a Fellow?

To complete your application, you will need to do the following:

  • Review Fellowship Descriptions . You can apply to up to 5 Fellowship positions.
  • Upload your resume or curriculum vitae to the online application
  • Provide two references
    • Provide name, credentials, email address, phone number
    • As part of your application, you will need to request that your references complete our online Reference Survey. Please share this link to the Reference Survey with your references (https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/895ffda6be9247b9a2e3f3dcb7700a74). Each reference will need to submit their own Reference Survey by February 1st, 2023. We recommend reaching out to your references EARLY to request their support.
    • References should be able to comment on your skills and abilities as a student or worker. A good reference could be a current or former professor, employer, manager, or someone from an organization where you’ve volunteered. A family member or friend is not be a good reference.
    • The link to the Reference Survey will be available within the Fellowship Application.
    • If you have questions about gathering references, please contact our team for support (TxPHFellowship@dshs.texas.gov).
  • Three short essays (200 words each)
    The short essay prompts are:
    1. In your own words, how would you describe public health?
    2. What are your career goals? How will this fellowship help you reach them? What skills or experience are you hoping to acquire during the Fellowship?
    3. What are some ideas to improve the health of your community?


Please apply online here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DCXHWFG.

Applications will be due February 1st, 2023 by 11:59pm.