Applications and Forms - Industrial Radiographer Certification

Important Fee Information for Industrial Radiographers

Some of our fees are decreasing on September 1, 2019. 
The changes are on the applications you can download from this website.
The changes are in place for the online applications. 
Please make certain you pay the fee listed on the application or renewal.
To ensure you submit the correct amount, please do ONE of the following if applicable:

  • apply online
  • renew online
  • download an application from this website

Table of Contents

Industrial Radiographer Examination

Industrial Radiographer Examination Documents
Document Number Title
RC 255-1 Disability Accommodation Request for Industrial Radiographer Examination (PDF, 73KB)
RC 255-3 Application for Industrial Radiographer Examination (PDF, 369KB)

Training and Qualification

Industrial Radiographer Training and Qualification Documents
Document Number Title
RC 255-C  Accepted Radiation Safety Training Courses (PDF, 66KB)
RC 255-E Trainee Qualification Form (PDF, 27KB)
RC 255-OS Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Years) (PDF, 35KB)
RC 255-R Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Hours) (PDF, 36KB)
RC 255-RC Radiographer Reciprocity Qualification (PDF, 73KB)
RC 255-T Trainer Qualification (PDF, 65KB)

Identification Card Replacement or Update

Industrial Radiographer ID Card Documents
Document Number Title
RC IR-1 Industrial Radiographer Replacement ID Card Application (PDF, 29KB)
Instructions for Industrial Radiographer Replacement ID Card Application (PDF, 46KB)
RC IR-2 Industrial Radiographer Second Certification ID Card Procedures (PDF, 27KB)