Industrial Radiography Certification


The DSHS Radiation Control Program certifies individuals to practice industrial radiography within the State of Texas. To become certified, individuals must complete classroom and on-the-job training and the required examinations. 

Beginning October 2020, the examinations will be administered on computers at testing centers located throughout the United States.   

Certification Requirements 

The Radiation Control Program issues industrial radiography certification identification (ID) cards to individuals who successfully complete and document the following on appropriate forms: 

  • Complete a minimum 40 hours of radiation safety training from a course accepted by the State of Texas (PDF, 304KB), another Agreement State*, or the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the subjects in 25 TAC §289.255(x)(1)

  • Complete RC 255-E Trainee Qualification Form (PDF, 27KB) for trainee status. 

  • Document on-the-job training (OJT)* as a certified trainee supervised by one or more radiographer trainers authorized on a Texas license or certificate of registration. (Minimum 200 hours RAM and/or 120 hours X-ray). 

*NOTE: Individuals may substitute one year of industrial radiography experience using radioactive material and/or X-ray machines with a company outside of Texas for the OJT hours.  

  • Complete RC 255-R Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Hours) Form (PDF, 66KB) for radiographer status. OJT hours do not include safety meetings, film interpretation, darkroom activities, travel, classroom training, or use of cabinet X-ray systems. 

  • Pass the appropriate written exam accepted by your Radiation Control Program.  

Trainer Qualifications 

Radiographer trainers personally supervise trainees during on-the-job training. Documentation of one year experience as a certified radiographer must be submitted on RC 255-T Trainer Qualification Form (PDF, 65KB) to be qualified as a trainer. 

Certifications from Outside of Texas 

Texas will accept an individual's radiographer certification if the individual or company submits a clear, legible copy (front and back) of the valid certification from an entity recognized by Texas in accordance with 25 TAC 289.255(l)(2)-(4)

Individuals must submit a Radiographer Reciprocity Qualification (PDF, 73KB) form and must be certified by one of the entities on this page under State Contact Information.

Renew Online 

Industrial Radiographers must now renew their certification through the new Regulatory Services Online Licensing System. License renewal fees may be paid only using a major credit card or electronic check (ACH) payment. 

For assistance using the online system, please see the Online Licensing Help Center, or contact us

Contact Us

For questions regarding examinations, ID cards, re-certification, and qualifications, please reach out to any of the individuals listed below: 

Bridget Stephens 
Phone: 512-231-5691 

Amanda Leeth 
Phone: 512-231-5769 

Joyce Leroux 
Phone: 512-231-5694

Additional Contacts 

For a comprehensive list of contacts, please see the Radiation Control Contact Information page

Exam Schedule, Information and Forms

Exam Schedule and Information

To register for an examination, please visit or

Required Forms for Certification 

If you are seeking a Trainee certification: 

If you are seeking an Industrial Radiographer certification: 

If you are seeking a Trainer certification: 

State Contact Information

Individuals must submit a Radiographer Reciprocity Qualification (PDF, 73KB) form and must be certified by one of the following entities: