Laws and Rules - Industrial Radiographer Certification


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Texas Laws and Statutes Governing Radiation Control
Chapter 401Radioactive Materials and Other Sources of Radiation

Industrial Radiographer Rules - Title 25, Texas Administrative Code

Industrial Radiographer Certification Rules and Regulations
RuleTitleRevision Date
§289.201 (HTML)
§289.201 (PDF, 215KB)
General Provisions for Radioactive Material03/01/16
§289.202 (HTML)
§289.202 (PDF, 391KB)
Standards for Protection Against Radiation from Radioactive Material03/01/16
§289.202(ggg)(2)(F) (PDF, 862KB) DAC and ALI Table (Figure)03/01/16
§289.202(ggg)(3)-(9) (PDF, 190KB) Appendices to §289.202 Regarding RAM Labeling, Waste & Disposal, Record Keeping, and Surface Contamination Levels03/01/16
§289.202(hhh) (HTML)
§289.202(hhh) (PDF, 101KB)
Requirements for Nationally Tracked Sources03/01/16
RC Form 202-2
(PDF, 81KB)
"Cumulative Occupational Exposure History" RC Form 202-210/01/11
RC Form 202-3
(PDF, 84KB)
"Occupational Exposure Record for a Monitoring Period" RC Form 202-310/01/11
§289.203 (HTML)
§289.203 (PDF, 109KB)
Notices, Instructions, and Reports To Workers; Inspections10/01/11
RC Form 203-1
(PDF, 65KB)
"Notice to Employees" RC Form 203-1 (standalone document)10/01/11
§289.204 (HTML)
§289.204 (PDF, 85KB)
Fees for Certificates of Registration, Radioactive Material Licenses, Emergency Planning and Implementation, and Other Regulatory Services09/07/14
§289.204(j) (HTML)
Table With Machine/Use Category and Fee Information09/07/14
§289.205 (HTML)
§289.205 (PDF, 91KB)
Hearing and Enforcement Procedures12/27/07
§289.251 (HTML)
§289.251 (PDF, 500KB)
Exemptions, General Licenses, and General Licenses Acknowledgements09/24/18
§289.252 (HTML)
§289.252 (PDF, 715KB)
Licensing of Radioactive Material01/04/22
§289.255 (HTML)
§289.255 (PDF, 217KB)
Radiation Safety Requirements and Licensing and Registration Procedures for Industrial Radiography03/22/15
§289.257 (HTML)
§289.257 (PDF, 1486MB)
Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material 01/04/22