About the Texas Radiation Advisory Board

The Texas Radiation Advisory Board (TRAB) members are the state's advisors on all radiation issues. The board holds meetings to review the rules and guides and programs of the agencies that regulate radiation. Board members participate in hearings by providing expert testimony. They make recommendations about various issues and provide those to the agencies, the legislature and the governor. The Legislature created TRAB in 1961. The governor appoints members who normally serve for a term of 6 years.

Texas Radiation Advisory Board By Laws

Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 401, describes the board's purpose and mission:

The advisory board shall:

(a) review and evaluate state radiation policies and programs;

(b) make recommendations and furnish technical advice that may be required on matters relating to development, use, and regulation to the department (the Texas Department of State Health Services), the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (formerly the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission), the Railroad Commission of Texas, and other state agencies; and

(c) review proposed rules and guidelines of the department, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and other state agencies relating to regulation of sources of radiation and recommend changes in proposed or existing rules and guidelines relating to uses of radiation.