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TFP Training

Texas Fluoridation Program (TFP) offers a FREE one-day training course on "Fluoridation Procedures for Water Operators" (TCEQ course code 214). The class is taught by the Texas Department of State Health Services Fluoridation Program staff with 8 hours of continuing education credited towards a Texas water operator's license.

After attending this class, the participant will learn:

  • Health benefits of water fluoridation
  • Operation and maintenance of fluoride equipment
  • How to safely work with fluoridation chemical and equipment
  • How to maintain optimal fluoride levels in the drinking water

The class is offered throughout the state.  If you are interested in hosting or attending a class, please contact TFP by phone at 512-776-7349 or by email at fluoride@dshs.texas.gov.

Training Manual on Fluoridation Procedures

Last updated January 27, 2021