700.002 Right to Limit the Number of Clients Assigned to a Pharmacy

Policy Number 700.002
Effective Date October 29, 1996
Revision Date May 22, 2024
Subject Matter Expert Medication Data and Analysis Group Manager
Approval Authority HIV/STD Prevention and Care Branch Manager
Signed By D’Andra Luna

1.0 Purpose

The HIV Care and Medications Unit, Medication Data and Analysis Group (the program), reserves the right to limit the number of clients assigned to a particular pharmacy when the demand for a particular location exceeds a client level that the program can accurately monitor for the maximum benefit of the program's clients.

2.0 Authority

Imposing limits on the number of clients served by a pharmacy is necessary to ensure the Medication Data and Analysis Group monitors and upholds program guidelines and regulations. The Medication Data and Analysis Group Manager and the HIV Care and Medications Unit Director have the authority to impose these limits. For a complete list of Pharmacy Guidelines, please see the THMP documents page.

3.0 Imposing Limits on the Number of Clients Assigned to a Pharmacy

The program sends a letter to pharmacies when it is necessary to establish a client limit. The program bases these limitations on the length of the program's relationship with the pharmacy, the proximity of the pharmacy to clients, providers, and other participating pharmacies, the pharmacy's method for ordering medications from the program, and the population served by the pharmacy. Using these criteria, the program stops adding clients to a pharmacy when it determines it is in the best interest of the program and clients.

4.0 Providing Self-Imposed Client Limit

A pharmacy with a self-imposed client limit should contact the program to inform the program of the established limit. The program will place a roster hold on the pharmacy once it has met the established limit. It is the pharmacy's responsibility to notify the program when the pharmacy is again able to accept new clients.

5.0 Pharmacy's Serving in Excess of an Established Client Limit

The program may reassign current clients a pharmacy serves to avoid exceeding the client limit. When the HIV Care and Medications Unit and Medication Data and Analysis Group identify an excess client limit, clients currently assigned to a pharmacy remain with the pharmacy until either (1) the client requests a transfer to another participating pharmacy or (2) the client drops from the program.

6.0 Revision History

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