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Pregnancy Resources

Texas Pregnancy Care Network

Visit the Texas Pregnancy Care Network. website to find a provider in your area.

Pregnancy Resource Center

Information for Parents of Newborn Children 

During the 2005 regular legislative session, legislators passed Senate Bill 316. The bill requires hospitals, birthing centers, physicians, nurse-midwives, and midwives who provide prenatal care to pregnant women during gestation or at delivery, to provide a resource pamphlet to: 

  • The woman;
  • The father of the infant; or  
  • Other adult caregivers for the infant. 

The pamphlet includes information on:

  • Postpartum depression;
  • Shaken baby syndrome;
  • Immunizations; and 
  • Newborn screening. 

Providers must document in the client's chart that she received this information. The documentation must be retained for at least five years. It is recommended that the information be given twice. Once at the first prenatal visit and again after delivery. Find more details about the law in the Texas Health and Safety Code Section 161.501

Agency responsibilities: DSHS must develop a resource that contains the required information. It must make it available online and for distribution in English and Spanish. The resource will be updated regularly. 

You can get this pamphlet in .pdf format by downloading it from here: 

Information for Parents of Newborns 

  •  English (Revised Jan. 2016) (454KB PDF)  
  •  Spanish (Revised Feb 2016) (6166K PDF)  

You may also order it through the HHSC Warehouse website. You can also call them at 512-250-7162 for help with your order. This publication is in stock. 

The stock numbers are: 

  • #1-316 - English 
  • #1-316a – Spanish 

Another useful resource for new parents is the Pregnancy, Parenting, and Depression Resource List.

COVID-19 and Pregnancy 

According to CDC, if you are pregnant or were recently pregnant, you are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19 compared to those who are not pregnant. CDC reports that COVID-19 vaccination before and during pregnancy is safe and effective. Learn more at COVID-19 Vaccines While Pregnant or Breastfeeding (

Find where to get vaccinated near you on the federal Vaccine Finder website

COVID-19 and Pregnancy Poster 

Our TexasAIM program developed a free poster in English and Spanish. The poster encourages the following individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Pregnant women 
  • People who are breastfeeding 
  • People trying to get pregnant now or in the future 

Download the posters by clicking the links below. Place these posters in hospitals, clinics, or other places where families visit. 

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and help to protect mothers and babies. There is no evidence of miscarriages, stillbirths, or preterm births linked to COVID-19 vaccines. We need your help to encourage this population to get vaccinated. Together we can help protect Texas mothers, mothers-to-be, and babies against COVID-19.  

More COVID-19 vaccine information is available on the DSHS coronavirus webpage. 

Parenting Resources

  • Texas Education Agency (TEA)
    • TEA provides links to resources that provide information on education and support services for pregnant and parenting women.
  • Office of the Attorney General (OAG)
    • The OAG works to support the children and families of Texas. They partner with agencies and community organizations. Visit their site for links to resources.
  • Get Parenting Tips
    • The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) supports this program to provide parenting tips from top experts in children and families. They include tips about children of all ages.  
  • Texas Home Visiting
    • The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) supports this program by matching parent(s) with someone who can answer questions, give advice, and recommend services. This helpful person lives in your community and visits you in your home or another convenient location. We call this person a “home visitor.”
  • Partners Resource Network (PRN)
    • PRN is a statewide agency that supports the Texas Parent Training and Information Centers. Visit their website for more information.

Depression Resources

Mental Health TX

Mental Health Texas provides information and resources to help with depression. This includes a treatment services locator. Visit their website for more information.

Toll-Free Telephone Assistance Lines:

Texas Department of State Health Services
Family Health Services, Information & Referral Line

2-1-1- Texas

2-1-1 Texas, formerly First Call for Help, is a service for the entire community. 2-1-1 is the new abbreviated dialing code for free, bilingual information and referrals to health and human services and community organizations. 2-1-1 serves as the number to call for information about community organizations, and it links individuals and families to critical health and human services provided by nonprofit organizations and government agencies in their own community. 2-1-1 Texas is currently available statewide:

On-line Assistance

Texas 2-1-1 Information & Referral Networks

SAFETY ALERT: If you feel out of touch with reality (you see or hear things that other people don’t), or if family/friends are worried about your safety or that you might hurt others, get help now.

Options for getting help now include:

Pregnancy, Parenting and Depression Resource List

This list contains the names and addresses of Resources by County A-Z professional organizations that can help you find a local resource that meets your needs. There are also some toll-free assistance phone lines. The list will be updated regularly. If you do not see an organization on this list that you feel comfortable contacting, we encourage you to check with your health care provider or a clergy member as he or she may be able to give you some ideas as well.

Center for Parent Education, University of North Texas
Contact: 888-662-7457 Email: