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Healthy School Environment

Healthy eating and regular physical activity play a role in preventing chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Many factors influence the food and activity choices of young people. Families, friends, neighborhoods, and schools can have an impact on the choices that are made by children.

Schools play an important role when it comes to a healthy start. Young people spend more than half their day at school. If schools teach young people how to make healthy choices, then it is likely those healthy choices will carry through their lifespan into adulthood.

To assist schools and individuals interested in healthy school environments, this page provides information and resources for local wellness policy, nutritional environment, physical activity environment, and whole health environment. To gain more information on a local school or district’s environment or programs, contact the local school administrator, school board, and/or school health advisory council.

Local Wellness Policy





Nutrition Environment

For Educators

School Meals



Additional Resources

Physical Activity Environment



For Educators

Physical Activity and Education

Out of School Activity

Whole Health Environment

Strategic Planning

Family Engagement

Additional Resources

Last updated May 10, 2019