Texas Guide to School Health Services

As of March 2017, the Texas Guide to School Health Services is a web–based toolkit. It provides helpful tools for school staff members. The guide can help develop, implement, and evaluate school health programs. The guide is divided into eight sections to help with navigation. 

Guide Access

How to access information in this guide: 

Click on the headings to go to a topic of interest. Each page lists best practice resources from reputable sources across the state and nation. Email the School Health Program  if you need assistance.

Coordinated School Health 

In 2013, the CDC introduced the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model to expand upon the Coordinated School Health (CSH) approach. The model brings greater alignment between the education and health sectors. This section provides more information about the current WSCC model, the CSH approach, and Texas’ requirements for CSH programs.   

Health Conditions 

Children come to school with a variety of health conditions. Some are acute and some are chronic in nature. School health service staff are responsible for the prevention and management of these conditions in the school setting. This section includes information on the variety of health conditions staff may see in the school setting.   

Legal Issues 

School health services staff need to know school health–related laws, rules, and regulations. This will ensure the health and safety of students. This section includes information on the variety of legal issues staff may see in the school setting.  

Professional School Nursing 

School nurses serve in a pivotal role that bridges healthcare and education. As the main health contact in the school setting, school nurses address a variety of student health needs. This section includes information on nursing practice resources and regulations.  

Addressing Students' Special Health Care Needs 

There are several laws that protect children with special healthcare and educational needs. This section includes information on these laws and the recommended practices for the management of the needs of this student population.  

School Health Office Resources

Each school health office is unique and may need different resources. This section includes resources that school health services personnel may use on a regular basis. The resources include the communicable disease chart, record retention schedule, and more.  

School Health Services 

School health services is a "coordinated system that ensures a continuum of care from school to home to community health care provider and back" (Small et al., 1995). This section includes information on the variety of school health services that may be provided in the school setting.  

Skilled Procedures 

Skilled procedures are procedures carried out to help students maintain health or help students and staff in an emergency situation. The documents contained in this section outline how to address and perform healthcare tasks in the school setting. This section includes sample administrative guidelines from across the nation.