New Additions to Audiovisual Library - 2016

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5 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go - DV0981
DVD 23 min. 2012 Adult
This program explains five practical tips for healthy eating for a fast-paced lifestyle: plan ahead, don't skip breakfast, read food labels, snack smart, and eat out wisely. Also available in Streaming from Films on Demand. 

Aaron Beck on Cognitive Therapy - DV1126
DVD 51 min. 2012 Professional 
The founder of Cognitive Therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck revolutionized the way millions of clinicians approach clients in distress. Here is a chance to hear directly from an innovative thinker. In this interview, Beck discusses his process of developing cognitive therapy, from his early days as a psychoanalyst, through his disillusionment with psychoanalysis, and creation of a therapeutic model that reflected his research and actual experiences with clients.

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) with a Male Client  - DV1127
DVD 100 min. 2013 Professional 
Diana Fosha PhD demonstrates accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy with a male client with anxiety. This approach is effective with male clients because it avoids pathologizing problems, and instead affirms strengths and reflects positive qualities to offset commonly negative expectations of treatment.

Aggression: Is Violence Learned? - DV1128
DVD 22 min. 2013 Adult-Professional 
What drives people to violence? Can TV affect our actions and influence us to acts of violence? This documentary style program examines aggressive media, aggressive behavior and the banality of evil. It shows original film footage of research and actual crimes. An excellent resource for studies in applied psychology, this program features research psychologists providing explanations and reasoning behind aggression.

Alcohol and Drugs Body and Mind - DV1108
DVD 42 min. 2002 Senior High - Adult 
What happens to our bodies when we abuse alcohol and drugs? What is the effect on our brain chemistry? How do drugs actually produce the effect of feeling high, and what is the price we pay? The answers to these questions are the focus of this program. Issues related to tolerance, dependence, and craving are discussed, and are illustrated visually through the use of brain scans and various other graphics.

Alcohol and Its Effects - DV1020
DVD 60 min. 2001 Senior High - Adult 
Recovering users, top alcohol researchers, and treatment professionals explore the emotional and physical reasons for drinking, the craving, the role genetics and environment plays, as well as strategies for treatment and recovery.

Alcohol: The Medical Consequences Part 1 - DV1105 
DVD 30 min. 2004 Senior High - Adult 
Part I focuses on alcohol's effect on the digestive tract. The toxic effects on the pharynx, throat, stomach, pancreas, and liver are shown in detail.

Alcohol: The Medical Consequences Part 2 - 1106 
DVD 31 min. 2004 Senior High - Adult 
Part II discusses alcohol's target organ, the brain. Shows how alcohol affects the chemistry, biology, and structure of the brain. Also includes effects on skeletal, heart, and hormonal systems.

Alzheimer's Disease Do's and Don'ts - DV0962
DVD 26 min. 2000 Adult 
The most important care challenges posed by Alzheimer’s disease include providing for the safety of the person with Alzheimer’s, dealing with difficult behaviors, and maintaining relationships. As Alzheimer’s disease diminishes memory and cognitive capabilities, many normal life activities become dangerous. These include driving, leaving home unsupervised, cooking, or operating any kind of machinery. Also potentially troubling to caregivers are behaviors such as agitation, aggression, wandering, and repetitive questioning. Experts and family caregivers provide ideas for understanding and responding to these difficult behaviors.

Alzheimer’s Disease For Assisted Living Facilities Level Two - DV0937
DVD 65 min. 2014 Professional 
This DVD explores various strategies for managing AD residents with patience and respect, all the while reducing the stress level of each healthcare professional.

Anger Management in Counseling and Psychotherapy - DV1130 
DVD 169 min. 2014 Professional 
Anger experts Dr. Howard Kassinove and Dr. Raymond Chip Tafrate present live case examples of their anger episode model, an empirically developed approach geared specifically to anger management. With behavioral definitions, thorough assessment strategies, and structured interventions, this comprehensive resource serves as a guide to best practices with this difficult population.

Anger Management: In the Know - DV1057
DVD 16 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
This program teaches teens how anger operates, what its physical and psychological effects are, and how to stop short of the aggressive responses and reflexive hostility that can precipitate violence.

Anger Management: It's the Same as Drivers Education - DV1170
DVD 15 min. 2012 Adult This DVD was developed to deal with anger management in a treatment or community corrections agency. Bob Francis, LICDC-CS, encourages viewers to learn how to manage their anger in the same way they learned how to drive. He urges them to work with a counselor, sponsor, or coach that will help them examine their triggers and modify their reactions.

Anonymous People - DV1156
DVD 88 min. 2013 Adult 
This is a feature documentary film about the 23.5 million Americans living in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Deeply entrenched social stigma and discrimination have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades. Courageous addiction recovery advocates are starting to come out of the shadows to tell their true stories. The moving story of this film is told through the faces and voices of the leaders, volunteers, corporate executives, and celebrities who are laying it all on the line to save the lives of others just like them.

Anorexia and Bulimia: The Truth about Eating Disorders - DV1026
DVD 30 min. 2004 Junior High - Senior High 
Students learn the definition of Anorexia and bulimia and how and why these eating disorders begin. They will learn how the disorder harms a person's health and where to turn for help with an eating disorder.

Applying ASAM Placement Criteria - DV1074
DVD 74 min. 2007 Adult-Professional 
Comprehensively reviews the bio-psychosocial aspects of applying the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria (PPC) to people with alcohol and drug problems as well as co-occurring disorders.

Assessing Chronic Pain in the Cognitively Impaired - DV0817 
DVD 24 min. 2012 Adult 
Viewers will learn how to define, identify, and assess pain. This program addresses special challenges that caregivers face in assessing pain when residents cannot self-report such as when patients have dementia. It explores ways that a facility can help residents manage pain. This program will explain the differences between acute and chronic pain, and describes how people experience pain in different ways.

Assessment and Psychological Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - DV1131 
DVD 53 min. 2011 Professional 
Kay Redfield Jamison, an expert on bipolar disorder, is interviewed in this video and presents essential information on the assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder in psychotherapy.

Asthma Self-Management (closed captioned) - DV0973 
DVD 12 min. 2016 Adult 
Featuring people with their asthma under control living healthy and active lifestyles, this DVD reviews asthma self-care skills. These skills include keeping an asthma diary of triggers, symptoms, and medications taken; creating and following an asthma action plan; and taking medications as prescribed. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, getting physically active, eating healthy, and avoiding people with the cold or the flu are also recommended to help maintain good control of asthma.

Basic Influencing Skills -  DV1132 
DVD 150 min. 2012 Professional 
This video is for counselor training and professional development. Viewers will observe the specifics of influencing skills in reality based demonstrations.

Bath Salts and Other Synthetic Drugs - DV1110
DVD 24 min. 2014 Senior High - Adult 
"Filmed with a primary focus on ""bath salts"" (synthetic cathinones), this program examines readily available designer drugs that can produce powerful highs while exposing the immensely damaging effects such chemicals cause to the brain and other organs when ingested."

Bath Salts: The Deadly Facts - DV1051
DVD 19 min. 2011 Junior High - Senior High 
Bath salts are a recent drug scourge to hit the United States. In the first few months of 2011, poison control centers nationwide reported a record-breaking increase in emergency room visits related to bath salts. This program gives viewers the hardcore truth about this highly addictive substance which causes intense paranoia, psychosis and suicidal thoughts.

Being Mortal (closed captioned)  - DV0976 
DVD 60 min. 2015 Adult 
This Frontline documentary follows Boston surgeon Atul Gawande as he explores the relationships doctors have with patients who are nearing the end of life. The film investigates the practice of caring for the dying, and shows how doctors are often remarkably untrained, ill-suited and uncomfortable talking about chronic illness and death with their patients. It also explores the benefits of palliative care. A companion book with the same title is available at WB 310 G284b 2014.

Beyond Opiates - DV1133 
DVD 33 min. 2014 Adult 
This video presents a fresh new perspective on the science of pain and how it influences recovery from opioid dependency. The content focuses on a new paradigm for understanding chronic pain showing how the extended use of prescription painkillers increases the sensitivity of nerve cells thereby magnifying pain. Interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals illustrate the challenges opiate addiction creates and presents a message of hope and encouragement for clients to examine recovery in light of this new view of treating dependency and pain.

Biggest Myths about STIs - DV0926 
DVD 22 min. 2013 Junior High-Adult 
While abstinence is the only way to completely avoid STI infections, the program stresses the importance of latex barriers for students who are sexually active. Students are encouraged to get tested if they have engaged in risky sex and students who may have symptoms of an STI are urged to see a clinician right away.

Bill W. - DV1071 
DVD 103 min. 2011 Adult 
Tells the story of William G. Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, a man included in TIME Magazine's 100 Persons of the 20th Century. Interviews, recreations, and rare archival material reveal how Bill Wilson, a hopeless drunk near death from his alcoholism, found a way out of his own addiction and then forged a path for countless others to follow.

Blood vs Germs: News You Can Use - DV0948
DVD 15 min. 2009 Intermediate-Junior High 
How are germs and diseases spread? That’s just what these middle schoolers are trying to uncover for their next science report. After the kids meet an uncle with Hepatitis C they realize that the way the body works is a lot like a video game. In gathering information for their report the kids find out how diseases are spread and how the immune system works to fight off those diseases.

Bone Marrow Transplants: Serious Anti-Cancer Therapy - DV0982
DVD 24 min. 2011 Adult 
Bone marrow is a vital body material that can be killed by disease, radiation, or chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants are used either when the patient’s own marrow has been removed to protect it during treatment or when another person’s marrow is introduced. Originally used for patients with leukemia, the treatment is now used for many other forms of cancer. Also available in Streaming from Films on Demand.

Brain Based Therapy of Adolescents with John Arden - DV1134
DVD 60 min. 2013 Professional 
Relying on research in developmental neurobiology, neuroscience, temperament, and attachment studies as well as evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices, this program addresses the importance of understanding how the brain develops and functions during the actual work of child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Breast Cancer: Disease and Ease - DV0920 
DVD 26 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult 
The American Cancer Society estimates that the lifetime risk of breast cancer will rise to one in seven women by the year 2024. This program shows how breast cancer develops, how it can be detected and diagnosed, and how it is typically treated. 3D graphics show the way breast tumors form and grow, as well as how they ideally respond to radiation therapy. Viewers learn how breast examinations are performed and how a real-world lumpectomy surgery is conducted.

Brush Those Teeth and Dentures - DV0966 
DVD 22 min. 1996 Professional 
A dentist who specializes in geriatric dentistry works with nursing assistants and residents in a long term care facility to demonstrate proper mouth care for the dependent elderly. As many elderly in long term care and assisted living are no longer able to properly care for their own oral hygiene, it is essential for nursing assistants to assume this often over-looked responsibility. Even when residents believe they are doing a good job, the nursing assistant needs to check and make sure that teeth or dentures and the mouth have been effectively cleaned. Interviews of residents and nursing assistants emphasize the importance of providing this care both as a health consideration and from a quality of life perspective.

Bullying and Suicide: Think About It - DV0923 
DVD 21 min. 2014 Senior High - Adult 
Structured around two scenarios in which a boy and a girl commit suicide after repeatedly being bullied, this video offers valuable insights into bully and victim psychology, types of bullying, and anti-bullying behavior. Alternate scenarios are included that illustrate how bystanders to bullying can help neutralize some of the cumulative psychological effects of bullying that can push students to take their own lives.

Bullying Prevention: Taking Action - DV0916
DVD 16 min. 2010 Adult 
Adults can deter bullying in the school environment by understanding the behavior, learning how to deal with it and taking action.  This program teaches what bullying is, why children are reluctant to report it, how to detect bullying and intervene, how to deal with the students involved, and working with parents.

Bullying: In the Know - DV1056
DVD 19 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
Explores the origins, dynamics and relationships of all parties to bullying, including the onlookers who tacitly support it by their presence and the relatively few who intercede.

Caffeine: How Much is Too Much (closed captioned) - DV0970
DVD 22 min. 2016 Junior High - Adult 
Many teens readily consume caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea, colas, energy boosters, caffeinated sports drinks, and more. Many teens also use powdered caffeine or energy shots to boost energy for all-nighters, performances, competitions, or exams. But most teens do not know that caffeine is a neuro-stimulant that can cause overdose poisoning or even death. This program takes a look at the pros and cons of caffeine use and teaches viewers to understand whether or not they are in the danger zone for caffeine overuse or even dangerous overdose.

Catching a Killer: Preventing Meningococcal Disease - DV0983
DVD 24 min. 2011 Adult
This program gives an overview of meningococcal disease and the vaccines that are available to prevent it. Viewers meet a patient whose case wasn’t discovered by the ER doctors who initially treated her, and then learn which telltale symptom prompted her new physician to begin lifesaving treatment. Also available in Streaming from Films on Demand.

Choices  - DV1052
DVD 32 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult 
In this film, Robert Kent tells the heart wrenching story of how his son Brandon, and two friends were killed by a drunk driver on Christmas morning. His story illustrates the direct and indirect victims of drunk drivers and the ripple effects their choices send through families. Robert Kent is compelling and painfully honest in his quest to convince others to make the choice not to drive before they begin to drink.

Cocaine and Crack: In the Know - DV1009
DVD 19 min. 2003 Junior High - Senior High 
The program describes the difference between powdered cocaine and crack. It goes on to detail the social effects, biological functions, and short and long -term effects of cocaine.

Cognitive Therapy for Obsessions - DV1135 
DVD 164 min. 2012 Professional 
Stopping obsessional thinking patterns is one of the most vexing challenges people face. Anxiety disorder expert Reid Wilson employs a variation of cognitive-behavioral and strategic methods in two live sessions, demonstrating his unique approach to tackling obsessive thinking.

Colonoscopy - DV0974 
DVD 10 min. 2005 Adult 
This DVD is an updated version of DV0704. This DVD emphasizes colonoscopy as the recommended screening tool for colorectal cancer. It explains how a colon polyp can change over time and develop into colorectal cancer. The program reassures patients that they are taking the right steps to prevent colorectal cancer by having a colonoscopy and having any polyps removed. It also covers preparation methods, possible complications, side effects and recovery.

Common Psychological Disorders of Adolescence Guide - DV1164
DVD 27 min. 2011 Senior High - Adult 
This DVD focuses on several real teens who are struggling with some of the most common psychological problems that occur in adolescence: anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance abuse disorder. Are these disorders hereditary? How do they develop, and why? How common are they among teens? What can a person do to cope with them? The real teens featured in the program share their personal struggles and ultimately affirm that young people can successfully manage their psychological disorders with guidance from a mental health professional.

Co-occurring Disorders: Mental Health and Drugs - DV1034
DVD 36 min. 2004 Adult 
This DVD provides individuals with a deeper understanding of the mental illnesses that are a significant element of a dual diagnosis and of how psychoactive drug use can aggravate these conditions.

Coronary Artery Disease: Disease and Ease - DV0921 
DVD 24 min. 2012 Adult 
Viewers learn about coronary artery disease's causes, development, dangers, and treatment through case studies and expert interviews. 3D graphics show how plaque builds up in arteries, how this eventually obstructs blood flow, and how angioplasty, or the insertion of a tiny balloon and stents, can relieve the construction. Patients who are coping with coronary artery disease share the challenges they face in their everyday lives.

Counseling Intake Process: Culturally Competent Demonstrations and Debriefings - DV1136
DVD 100 min. 2010 Professional This video demonstrates the counseling intake process and how mental health practitioners make it successful for clients of culturally diverse backgrounds. Two distinctively different approaches to the intake session are demonstrated.

Cry for Help - DV1060 
DVD 57 min. 2009 Adult 
This program takes a look at teen depression and suicide through the lens of the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings. It takes a look at two high schools who seek to identify adolescents at risk after losing four students to suicide in less than a year.

Dark Days: Shedding Light on Depression - DV1125
DVD 22 min. 2011 Adult 
Even as ignorance about depression leads to social stigmas and alienation, many people with depression do not realize what ails them and therefore do not seek treatment in the first place. This program examines in detail what depression is, its various symptoms, and the options available for coping with or even curing it. Featuring widely respected experts from the leading mental health organization SANE Australia, the video covers clinically recognized types of depression, what demographic groups are most at risk, specific signs and symptoms, and harmful myths that prevent patients from getting real help. A close look at depression in adolescence is also included.

The Dark Side of Adderall and other "Study Drugs" - DV1116 
DVD 15 min. 2014 Senior High - Adult 
When used under a doctor’s guidance, Adderall, Ritalin, and similar medications can be effective in controlling ADHD. Pressures for success and achievement have turned this into a seriously abused drugs today. Using the drug is leading to ever-increasing addiction that produces serious physical and psychological problems.

Delirium, Dementia, and Depression (closed captioned) - DV0960 
DVD 29 min. 2010 Adult 
Delirium and dementia are two of the most common mental disorders elderly people face. Depression is also common in elderly people and often presents with symptoms similar to dementia or delirium. The differentiation between these three conditions can be difficult because many symptoms overlap. As the cause of so much suffering and discomfort, it is important these conditions are effectively addressed by medical staff. This Australian-made program defines these conditions by detailing symptoms and speaking to medical experts. Potential risk factors, causes of delirium and assessment criteria for all three conditions are outlined along with a brief summary of management strategies.

Depression: In the Know - DV1019 
DVD 17 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
This DVD provides information on the warning signs and effects of clinical depression. It provides teens with methods for dealing with and preventing depression in themselves and others.

Depression: Out of the Shadows - DV1061 
DVD 90 min. 2008 Adult 
Tells the dramatic stories of people of different ages, from diverse backgrounds, who live with various forms of depression. Leading mental health experts hilight the latest scientific research and innovative treatments, offering greater understanding and hope for the millions of people living with this disease. Thi title is also availabe online through Films on Demand.

Depression: What You Must Know - DV1018 
DVD 226 min. 2005 Adult 
Dr. Michael Kuna and Julie Nelson-Kuna review the process of diagnosis, psychotherapy, medications, and alternative treatments for depression.

Diagnosing Depression: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - DV1002
DVD 26 min. 2006 Adult 
This program highlights the latest breakthroughs in treatment and diagnostic tools spotlighting several people who have suffered with depression, but are finding relief through a combination of treatment strategies.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with Marsha Linehan - DV1137
DVD 96 min. 2013 Professional 
Dr. Marsha Linehan is the creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and is best known for her success with suicidal and highly complex clients. Research on DBT has shown its application with Borderline Personality Disorder and other hard-to-treat conditions. In this video, Dr. Linehan demonstrates her approach with an extremely challenging client.

Digital Communication Skill's Dos and Don’t's (closed captioned) - DV0956 
DVD 56 min. 2015 Adult 
The ways in which emails, texts or voice messages are composed and conveyed make the difference in impressing or disappointing an employer or co-worker. This video explains what you should do, and what you don’t want to do, when it comes to email, texting, video-conferencing and using the phone for business calls or voice mail.

Disease and Ease: Cervical Cancer - DV0984
DVD 25 min 2012 Adult
This program defines cervical cancer and reviews the risk factors. It explain the stages of cancer and how cancer of the cervix is prevented, diagnosed, and treated. It also discusses the HPV vaccine. This DVD contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. It should be previewed before use.

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse: The Abusers - DV1089
DVD 29 min. 2012 Adult 
Four former abusers, men and women, tell their stories of substance abuse and how it led to violence. What they learned about themselves during recovery changed their thinking and resulted in sobriety. They learned how to be better husbands, wives, brothers, and fathers and how to get their lives back for good.

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse: Victim - DV1090
DVD 34 min. 2012 Adult 
Five real men and women tell about the abusive relationships they were in and how it made them feel about themselves. In each case, drugs and alcohol played a role. Each narrator goes into detail on how working the steps to recovery empowered them and gave them the strength to leave the relationship and become a survivor.

Drugs and Alcohol: Your Choice - DV0946
DVD 15 min. 2012 Junior High - Senior High 
There are all kinds of drugs. Some help people with medical problems and can be bought in any store, right over the counter. Other medicines must be prescribed by a doctor. The alcohol and energy drinks we see advertised everywhere? Those are drugs, too. Then there are illegal drugs like marijuana. Some drugs are helpful. Some can be hurtful, and even deadly. What do all they have in common? They all change how your body works and they should all be taken seriously.

Drugs of Abuse: Treatment and Recovery - DV1162 
DVD 90 min. 2012 Adult-Professional 
In this video, doctors and clinicians join individuals in recovery to discuss the symptoms and consequences of drug abuse, the neurobiology of addiction, substance abuse treatment, and life in recovery. This video offers an inside look at the disease of addiction, the treatment process, and long-term recovery. Specific drugs discussed include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, inhalants, prescription drugs, and more.

Drugs the Straight Facts: Alcohol - DV1113 
DVD 17 min. 2010 Senior High - Adult 
Explores the history of alcohol, including its use as a medicine; the effects of alcohol on the body and the short - and long-term health impacts; and teenage attitudes toward alcohol and trends such as binge drinking. Also examines the prevalence of alcohol in American culture and discusses - alcoholism - how to identify it and how to treat it.

Drugs the Straight Facts: Cocaine and Crack - DV1115
DVD 20 min. 2010 Senior High - Adult 
The pleasure of a cocaine high doesn’t last long, but the damage cocaine causes can last a lifetime. This video explores the history of cocaine; the effects of cocaine and crack on the body and the short- and long-term health impacts; and teenage attitudes toward cocaine and crack.

Drugs the Straight Facts: Inhalants - DV1112 
DVD 18 min. 2010 Senior High - Adult 
Explores the history of inhalant abuse; the effects of inhalants on the body and the short- and long-term health impacts; and teenage attitudes toward inhalants. Also describes the major classes of commonly abused inhalants and treatment and prevention measures.

Drugs the Straight Facts: Marijuana - DV1114 
DVD 19 min. 2010  Senior High - Adult 
Traces the history of marijuana and goes on to explain some of the many uses of the hemp plant; the effects of THC - the primary psychoactive chemical in marijuana, sinsemilla, hashish, and hash oil - on the body; the short- and long-term health implications of marijuana abuse; and teenage attitudes toward marijuana. Also investigates the concept of psychological dependency and considers whether marijuana is a gateway drug.

Drugs the Straight Facts: Narcotics - DV1111 
DVD 20 min. 2010 Senior High - Adult 
Delves into the history of narcotics such as heroin, opium, codeine, and morphine; the effects of narcotics on the body and the short- and long-term health impacts; and teenage attitudes toward narcotics. Also considers legalization and regulatory issues involving narcotics, as well as physical and psychological addiction to these potent drugs.

Drugs: True Stories - DV1079
DVD 30 min. 2007 Elementary - Adult 
This video relays the stories of two teens. Joel's abuse of alcohol and marijuana led to addiction to prescription pills.  His parents, and his sister describe their denial, Joel's spiraling addiction, and his ongoing recovery. Trevor tells how he avoids drug use with support from his mentors.

DUI/DWI Make This One Your Last One -  DV1138 
DVD 19 min. 2010 Adult 
This DVD is designed specifically for first-time DUI/DWI offenders. The CD-ROM contains a facilitator's guide, presentation materials, and reproducible client handouts. Ideal for adult offenders, this program provides compelling content and no-nonsense information in a way that offers an alternative to the ineffective stereotypical scare tactic programs.

DUI: Driving Under the Influence - DVD1053
DVD 40 min. 2014 Senior High-Adult 
In a series of compelling interviews with DUI offenders, viewers learn about the skills needed for driving and how those are impaired after using drugs and alcohol.

Dying to Be Thin - DV1017
DVD 60 min. 2004 Senior High - Adult 
Introduces viewers to students, ballet dancers, fashion models and other young women who are in recovery from Anorexia and Bulimia. Eating disorders specialists discuss dramatic advances in diagnosing and treatment of these diseases.

Ebola: The Search for a Cure - DV0922
DVD 50 min. 2014 Adult 
No one knows exactly where the Ebola virus came from but it is one of the most virulent infections known to science. This special episode of Horizon meets the scientists and doctors from around the world who are looking for a cure. First-hand accounts of what it is like to catch and survive this disease are presented.

Effectively Intervening with Violent Behavior - DV1139
DVD 65 min. 2012 Professional 
In this video, Peter Fonagy, PhD, eloquently articulates effective methods of intervening with violent behavior. He begins with child development, emphasizing that early attachment often inhibits violent tendencies. Providing viewers with a series of effective examples, Fonagy discusses the importance of mentalization or self-reflective functioning as a method for intervening with violence. He also addresses social factors affecting violence, risk factors and thoughts. Through this video, Peter Fonagy, PhD, articulates effective methods of intervening with violent behavior. He begins with child development, emphasizing that early attachment often inhibits violent tendencies. Providing viewers with a series of effective examples, Fonagy discusses the importance of mentalization or self-reflective functioning as a method for intervening with violence. He also addresses social factors affecting violence, risk factors and thoughts that drive violent behavior, and counseling violent offenders in a variety of settings, including in prisons, group therapy and individual therapy.

Electrical Safety  - DV0949 
DVD 23 min. 2015 Adult 
When you play this DVD you will be asked to enter security access code 2318. To enter the code use your DVD player's remote. If you are using a DVD player in a computer, you can enter the code by clicking the numbers with your mouse, or by using the numerical pad on the keyboard followed by enter. Most workplaces are literally surrounded by a maze of electrical circuits. Cables, conduits and extension cords deliver electricity to plant, equipment appliances and lights. The vast majority of people know very little about electricity and this lack of knowledge makes it very difficult for people to recognize potential hazards. Without a basic understanding of how electricity behaves and what effects electricity can have on the human body, it is very difficult to understand what we as individuals can or should do, to reduce the risks associated with specific electrical hazards.

Emotionally Focused Therapy in Action - DV1140 
DVD 213 min. 2011 Professional 
Viewers of this video watch Dr. Johnson conduct an actual session of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with a challenging couple.  After serving in Iraq as a helicopter pilot, Matt has returned with a PTSD diagnosis and finds himself shutting down emotionally, leaving Rhea feeling hurt and angry.  Dr. Johnson works with this couple using EFT. In a single session, she helps them conceptualize their conflicts in attachment terms, gain an understanding of their negative cycle, and begin to reveal some of the vulnerable feelings that underlie their explosive anger.

Employment Relations and Conflict Resolution -  DV0935
DVD 23 min. 2012 Adult 
Conflict is inevitable in organizations and all personnel should know how to deal with it appropriately. This program examines employee relations and workplace conflict, using interviews with experts to explore the nature of workplace disputes, the role of managers and the human resources department in handling them, and effective strategies for their resolution.

Ending Silence, Shame & Stigma: HIV/AIDS in the African American Family - DV0938 
DVD 28 min. 2012 Adult 
This documentary explores the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Black community Shot over a period of five years, the interview subjects give voice to the range of individuals both affected and infected with HIV, as well as the complex social issues factoring into the high rate of infection amongst African Americans.

The Energy Connection: Managing Stress/Avoiding Burnout - DV0964
DVD 23 min. 2005   Adult
This lecture, presented by humorous and engaging speaker Camille Wade Maurice, is designed to help long term and home health care workers and managers get the most productivity out of their energy level, time and available resources without stress. It also gives ways to help all levels of staff acknowledge and deal with daily frustrations, co-worker and management conflicts, and time restraints without stressing out.

Engaging the Ambivalent OCD Client - DV1141 
DVD 182 min. 2012 Professional 
Working with therapeutic resistance is often discussed in psychotherapy training, but the ambivalent client with obsessive-compulsive disorder poses a unique challenge for clinicians. Here, anxiety expert Reid Wilson demonstrates a counterintuitive cognitive-behavioral approach to confronting safety-seeking behaviors that can help these clients maintain commitment to recovery.

Epidemiology: Linking Smoking and Lung Cancer - DV1120
DVD 20 min. 2013 Senior High - Adult 
The epidemiology collection looks at research methods used to study diseases in society. The first section explores the critical role epidemiology plays in establishing a link between smoking and lung cancer. The second section illustrates the difference between causation and correlation. The third section explains the concepts of reliability and validity.

Eternal High - DV1082
DVD 30 min. 2006 Senior High 
Crying uncontrollably at the kitchen table, mind racing with thoughts of suicide. How could this happen to a teen that has everything: a budding film career, popular in school, an all-state athlete, a good student, loving parents, and a perfect girlfriend? Everything was great yet suddenly everything was horrible. Why did this happen? Bryce captured his true-life battle with depression and suicide in this 6x award-winning film

Ethical and Legal Behavior - DV0936 
DVD 10 min. 2012 Professional 
This program teaches care providers about the importance of ethics and integrity in home care and provides instruction on liability issues. Caregiver integrity includes protecting client confidentiality, reliability, honesty, protecting client property, and admitting mistakes. Liability refers to legal responsibility for things that go wrong during a shift, such as negligence, theft, abuse, and invasion of privacy. Also common stereotypes about elderly people that caregivers should be aware of and make sure to avoid are discussed.

Everything You Need to Know about Marijuana in 22 Minutes - DV1042
DVD 22 min. 2012 Junior High-Adult 
The risks of marijuana use are illustrated in this fact-based video. Doctors illustrate how pot can permanently damage the teenage brain and contribute to mental illness. Viewers learn how marijuana use seriously impacts driver alertness, reflexes and perception skills. Young recovering addicts describe how marijuana ruined their lives and dispel the myth that marijuana is not addictive.

Exposure Therapy for Phobias - DV1142 
DVD 177 min. 2012 Professional 
In live sessions with a real patient, Reid Wilson demonstrates Exposure Therapy in action, offering a frame of reference that clinicians can begin to apply immediately. The patient makes an incredible amount of progress in only two sessions, demonstrating how powerful these tools really are.

Eye Safety Update - DV0980
DVD 15 min. 2014 A Most employees take 'healthy eyes' for granted. But our eyes are very fragile and statistics show that eye injuries occur frequently in the workplace. This updated training program shows employees that many eye problems are caused by not paying attention to the work that they are doing or not wearing appropriate PPE.

Family in Treatment - DV1157
DVD 240 min. 2013 Adult-Professional 
This video set takes direct aim at some of the most challenging beliefs, behaviors, and barriers facing the recovering addict and his or her family. With presentations intended for separate viewing by the addict, the family members, and for both addict and family together, this engaging, humorous, and yet powerful presentation addresses many of the most difficult issues that often stand in the way of achieving and maintaining sobriety. In Part 1, The Addicted (2 DVDs), Mark works with addicts in treatment and in various stages of recovery. In Part 2, The Affected - the Family (2 DVDs), Mark works with family members of addicts, both currently in treatment and in various stages of recovery. In Part 3: The Connected - Family and Addict Together (3 DVDs), Mark brings family members and addicts together to interact and share what they have learned.

Finding Normal - DV1066 
DVD 77 min. 2007 Adult 
This is a documentary about a group of Portland drug addicts and their rehab counselors trying day-by-day to keep themselves clean, sober and together.

Frontline: The New Asylums -DV1059
DVD 60 min. 2005 Adult 
This program brings to light the half a million prisoners in America's jail dealing with mental illness. The program gives access to how the prisons are working with this population. The camera goes inside prison therapy sessions, mental health treatment meetings, crisis wards and prison disciplinary tribunals.

Generation RX - DV1084
DVD 81 min. 2008 Adult 
For decades, scores of doctors, government officials, journalists, and others have extolled the benefits of psychiatric medicines for children. The rest of the story is unveiled to show how this era of unprecedented change in Western culture really occurred, and what price have people paid in our own society.

Guide to Living with Co-occurring Disorders - DV1161 
DVD 83 min. 2008 Adult-Professional 
This video educates clients, families, and clinicians on the history, challenges and most effective treatments for co-occurring disorders. It contains four chapters that can be viewed in their entirety or each twenty-minute chapter can be viewed separately. Chapters include: an introduction to co-occurring disorders; understanding substance use and mental health disorders; the basics of treatment for co-occurring disorders; and the importance of family in treatment.

Hallucinogens: In the Know - DV1007 
DVD 20 min. 2003 Junior High - Senior High 
Video discusses the dangers of using LSD, psilocybin/psilocyn mushrooms, and mescaline/peyote. Also discusses PCP, an anesthetic/hallucinogen/stimulant drug that can lead to psychosis. Shows how these drugs can endanger their lives and their mental health.

HazCom for Healthcare: A GHS Overview - DV0931
DVD 16 min. 2013 Professional 
Healthcare workers are excited and proud to care for patients and help them live long, healthy lives. Yet, in this same environment, caregivers can expose themselves and their patients to many chemical hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Hazard Communication standard has recently been enhanced with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The new HazCom standard not only gives workers the right to know the chemicals and hazards they face, but the right to understand them and how to protect themselves from danger.

Hepatitis C: Causes Symptoms, Prevention Treatment - DV1050 
DVD 15 min. 2015 Junior High - Adult
Hepatitis C is the most common blood-borne infection in the United States. Many young people are putting themselves at risk for this potentially fatal disease, primarily as a result of intravenous drug use but also because of tattoos performed by unlicensed artists, unprotected sex, and the sharing of razors and tooth brushes. The program details measures to prevent being infected and urges those who have put themselves at risk to get tested, especially because there is now a very effective treatment for the disease.

Hepatitis C: Staying Well - DV1104
DVD 40 min. 2004 Adult 
Offers an overview of hepatitis C and discusses how those with the virus can work to stay healthy and prevent transmission to others. Graphics illustrate the virus' effect on the body. Viewers learn how and why the virus disproportionately affects substance abusers and/or those in recovery.

High on Painkillers - DV1046 
DVD 21 min. 2013 Adult 
According to the Centers for Disease Control, prescription painkillers have surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Students learn the dynamics of painkiller addiction and abuse through the personal stories of teens who have been hooked on legal pain killers. Viewers learn how difficult it is for users to cope with withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, shakiness, and lack of energy.

High on Spice - DV1054
DVD 14 min. 2011 Junior High - Senior High 
In this program, viewers learn the dangers of a new banned drug called Spice or K2. Until December 2010, Spice was sold legally around the country as incense in convenience stores and on the Internet. This program lays out the truth about this unpredictable drug and its potential to cause great harm.

HIPAA Compliance and Home Health and Hospice Care - DV0932 
DVD 15 min. 2013 Professional 
"The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has undergone several modifications since its enactment in 1996, from the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (2010) to the HITECH Act. Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services issued the HIPAA Omnibus Rule to revise, enhance, and strengthen the HIPAA yet again. How does this new rule impact your compliance strategies? Update your training and give employees an overview of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule with HIPAA Compliance for Home Health & Hospice Care. This program reviews basic, unchanged requirements, qualified standards, and discusses critical changes on: The Minimum Necessary Rule, PHI Disclosure for Marketing and Fundraising, Breach Notification And Enforcement Rules, Scope Of Enforcement."

HIV/AIDS: It's Still a Big Deal - DV0942
DVD 20 min. 2013 Junior High - Senior High 
Medical experts working on the front line of HIV-AIDS treatment and research are candid about ways the disease is transmitted. Young women and men living with the HIV virus candidly discuss how they contracted the disease and the social, emotional, and financial impact it has had on their lives. Viewers will come to understand the HIV-

Hospice and Alzheimer's Disease - DV0961
DVD 17 min. 2012 Adult-Professional 
More and more families are considering hospice as an excellent option to provide end of life care for Alzheimer’s patients. This program, through a series of interviews with Gilchrist hospice staff, explores how hospice philosophy and services relate to the special needs of the Alzheimer’s patient and family. Threaded through the program is one family’s experience, presented in a discussion guided by Dr. Rabins with a family caregiver. Content includes: how the hospice decision is made; the benefits received by the patient once the decision is made; special considerations for the Alzheimer’s patient; advance directives and treatment limitations; comfort care; and the support hospice provides to family members.

Houndville Human Resource Collection - DV0943 
DVD 44 min. 2006 A-Professional 
This animated DVD brings real world workplace issues to the surface in a humorous, lighthearted way. Houndville residents make mistakes at work, so your staff can lear from them. These short vignettes make powerful meeting openers and will compliment your next staff meeting, business presentation of training session. This program is restricted to Texas state employees of Health and Human Services.

How Could This Happen? True Story Binge Drinking & Death - DV1040 
DVD 18 min. 2013 Junior High-Adult 
This program gives students a close up look at the story of Molly Amman, a vivacious nineteen-year-old, straight-A student who died of acute alcohol poisoning in 2011. Through emotional interviews with family and friends, viewers see how one episode of binge drinking can kill.

How I Stopped Drinking - DV1143 
DVD 27 min. 2012 Adult 
"A follow-up to ""What Made Me Stop Drinking"", this program investigates how those same people, recovering alcoholics, actually managed to stop drinking. They took different routes and found their own sources of support. The central message of this program is that it is possible to stop and to rediscover life without alcohol."

How to Say No and Really Mean It - DV1048 
DVD 20 min. 2013 Junior High-Adult 
Saying no and sticking to it is one of the most difficult challenges in a teen's world. This video shows five teens at a party who face situations that test their ability to say no. The program walks students through five skills that enable these teens to say no effectively: analyzing the situation, considering consequences, looking at alternatives, recognizing influences, and using assertiveness skills.

I'll Be There for You - DV0955 
DVD 29 min. 2013 Professional 
This new, chaptered DVD shows how to make a hands-on shift to person-centered dementia care that engages the whole person and creates a support system based on each resident’s needs and preferences. From natural wake-ups to music therapy, the DVD looks at the benefits of involving residents in their care as much as possible, finding ways to help them to continue living life the way they prefer as much as possible, and engaging them in personalized activities that boost self-esteem and interaction. It also empowers nursing assistants to act upon (and communicate to other team members) their first-hand knowledge of each resident to ensure a better understanding of their care needs.

Infant Car Seat Safety - DV0917
DVD 15 min. 2013 Senior High - Adult
Car seats save lives and prevent injuries, but only when they are used correctly on each and every trip. This how-to guide for infant car seat safety exposes four common mistakes in car seat usage and how they can be avoided.

Infection Control Bag Technique - DV0933 
DVD 14 min. 2009 Professional 
"Infection Control: Bag Technique surveys a range of infection control measures such as bag preparation and transportation, work area strategies, hand hygiene, PPE, and procedures for clean-up and disposal. This important training program will teach your staff: The Importance of Bag Preparation, Prevention of Contamination, Segregation of ""Clean"" and ""Dirty"" Areas, Proper Cleanup and Disposal Measures."

Infection Prevention for General Orientation: The Ongoing Challenge - DV0977 
DVD 17 min. 2008 Professional 
This DVD teaches healthcare staff about healthcare-associated infections (HAI), multiple-drug resistant organisms (MDRO). It also explains the chain of infection (how infections are acquired and pathogens spread). It clarifies standard precautions, as outlined by the CDC including: hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), environmental cleaning and disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of patient care devices and equipment, cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene. It covers bloodborne pathogens and safe injection practices as required by OSHA. Viewers will learn about transmission-based precautions, as outlined by the CDC including: airborne precautions and tuberculosis, droplet precautions, contact precautions, and the protective environment. Viewers are encouraged to get the influenza and hepatitis B vaccination.

Inhalants: No Huffing - DV1080
DVD 24 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
"After one friend dies, three teens must choose to save another friend whose life is in danger from huffing.  They fear being labeled a ""snitch"" if they try to get help for their friend."

Inside Outside: Building a Life after the Hospital - DV1015
DVD 70 min. 2004 Adult 
The film depicts the lives of 8 people with significant histories of institutionalization as they transition from facilities into the community.  The film's clear message is that recovery and life are available for even the most impaired.

Key Activities to Lose Weight and Keep It Off - DV0975
DVD 17 min. 2015 Adult 
Too much weight increases the risks for type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and other conditions. This video encourages people to work with a healthcare professional to develop a successful weight loss plan. It recommends that people get more physically active and eat healthier, making long-lasting lifestyle changes rather than going on fad diets. The DVD mentions the possibility of weight loss surgery for some people. People who have lost weight share the reasons why they wanted to lose weight and the benefits once they have achieved it.

Kid, Wife, Midlife with Mark Ludholm - DV1144 
DVD 60 min. 2012 Adult 
Stand-up comedian Mark Ludholm uses personal experiences to describe life as an addict and the road to recovery.

Kids Recovery: Healing Kids of Addicted Parents - DV1145
DVD 45 min. 2011 Adult 
This is a program for parents to help them understand how their addiction negatively impacts their children. It includes interviews with spouses and significant others interspersed with Saul and the puppet Slick who provides humorous, bad advice. There are five parts including how addicted parents DISTANCE themselves from their children (9 minutes); parents and children will both have to ADJUST to sobriety (9 minutes); how addicted parents DENY the damage they do (5 minutes); how straight parents can HEAL THE DAMAGE (11 minutes); and counting the BENEFITS OF RECOVERY for parents and children (10 minutes).

Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals Vol. 2: Dual Relationships, Boundaries,
Standards of Care and Termination
- DV1177
DVD 191 min. 2010 Adult-Professional 
Volume II of this series addresses ethics, and the particular concern of being investigated by one’s licensing board for an alleged violation. Specifically, these four lively discussions between a psychologist, lawyer and journalist cover such murky matters as: bartering, boundaries, touch, self-disclosure, gifts, multiple-member clients such as couples and families, the initiation of treatment, breaches in confidentiality, ending treatment, electronic records, HIPAA, client debt, client suicide and a clinician’s death. This video lays out simple changes all clinicians can make to protect themselves and their practice.

Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals: Understanding Confidentiality, Privilege, Reporting, and Duty to Warn - DV1176
DVD 140 min. 2008 Adult-Professional 
"These four vignettes include commentary by Stephen Feldman, a renowned expert in the fields of both law and psychology. Viewers will learn the difference between privilege and confidentiality. They will also learn when they are allowed to break confidentiality and when they are required to break confidentiality. They will understand when progress notes or confidential psychotherapy notes can be subpoenaed as evidence in a trial. How does a therapist know when to break confidentiality to warn someone of potential danger? What exactly does ""reasonable cause to suspect"" mean when deciding whether to report child abuse? Is failing to report child abuse an ethical violation, or is it actually a crime? This comprehensive video course will answer all these questions and more. You'll learn how the laws impact your practice, as you watch these lively dramatizations of a judge and her law clerk discuss actual key cases in the creation of mental health laws including Tarasoff and Jaffe V. Redmond. As the judge debates both sides of the argument and makes her decisions, you'll see how court rulings became laws and how they impact clinical, ethical, legal and moral concerns."

A Life Saved: The Story of a Suicide Intervention -DV0947
DVD 11 min. 2005 Junior High - Adult 
This true story documents a suicide intervention that occurred after the completion of a suicide prevention curriculum. Just days after viewing a suicide prevention video, a group of middle school students with concerns about a friend’s safety speak to their guidance counselor and save a life. This program is appropriate for both youth and adult audiences.

Limiting Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens in Long Term Care: A Video Guide for Staff in Long Term Care Facilities - DV0969
DVD 26 min. 2015 Professional 
Due to the nature of long-term care, residents and caregivers might be at risk for exposure to airborne and bloodborne pathogens that can threaten their health. This DVD explains the risks of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, how long term care staff can help ensure their own safety and that of the residents under their care, and precautions for administering care when exposures occur and infections are present.

Living with Bipolar Disorder: American Family - DV1022 
DVD 46 min. 2005 Adult 
This DVD explores how people live with Bipolar Disorder, also known as manic depression because of the mood swings from incredible highs to suicidal lows.

Making Sense of Addiction - DV1107 
DVD 34 min. 2004 Senior High - Adult 
Describes the physical changes made in the brain through drug use, why it is hard to overcome addiction, and how long it takes for the brain to recover after usage is stopped.

Managing Conflict Resolution - DV0918 
DVD 32 min. 2011 Junior High - Senior High 
A dynamic struggle between contrasting forces is necessary—it creates ideas and drives change. But as everyone knows, life is also filled with hurtful and even tragic forms of conflict. Students learn about both types of opposition in this video, which illustrates ways to use conflict constructively while avoiding violence, alienation, and resentment. Beginning with the notion that we deal with conflict largely through patterns learned as children, the program explores four behaviors that push conflict into the destructive zone: miscommunication, demonizing, refusal to negotiate, and “kitchen sinking” or pulling past events and unrelated frustrations into a present disagreement. The pitfalls of a “conflict loop” are also discussed. Viewers gain an understanding of the potential rewards of recognizing an opponent’s needs as well as one’s own. Mediation, including peer mediation and the “third side” method of negotiation, are examined.

Managing Your Stress (closed captioned) - DV0965
DVD 17 min. 2016 Adult 
Stressors are different for everyone. This program helps viewers find ways to limit stress, so they can stay healthy. It suggests people write down their stressors, both those they can change and those they can’t. It emphasizes setting realistic goals to reduce stressors, and taking small steps to reach those goals. The video covers a range of coping skills, from hobbies and activities to deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation. This program helps viewers listen to self-talk and positively change it. It also helps them to examine their unhealthy ways of relieving stress, like reaching for comfort items like sugary snacks, caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, and recommends healthy habits for stress relief.

Marijuana the Medical Consequences - DV1109 
DVD 42 min. 2004 Senior High - Adult 
Explores marijuana's effect on the brain, both in terms of what produces its pleasurable effect, and the side effects apparent in various parts of the brain. Other core issues include effects on general physical health, emotional wellness, addictive qualities, and women's issues.

Mastering Acrobat Made Easy XI Pro - DV0952
DVD 420 min. approx 2014 Adult 
Viewers will learn how to do the following: create PDFs, edit PDFs, use bookmarks, add multimedia content and interactivity to their documents, combine and rearrange PDFs, export and convert content, collaborate with other document creators, work with portfolios, work with forms, work with professional print production, review and correct OCR suspects, create custom actions, create protected documents, and open and navigate PDFs in Adobe Reader. Restricted to Texas state Health and Human Services employees.

Mastering Outlook Made Easy Version 2013-2007 - DV0951 
DVD 420 min. approx 2013 Adult 
Viewers will learn how to do the following: manage contacts, use email, manage the sent items folder, use the outbox, schedule events on the calendar, create tasks, delete items, record journal items, create folders, use notes, add shortcuts, and create delegates. Restricted to Texas state Health and Human Services employees.

Mastering PowerPoint Made Easy Version 2013-2007 - DV0953
DVD 420 min. approx 2013 Adult 
Viewers will learn how to do the following: use the toolbars and keyboard shortcuts, create basic presentations, use presentation views, add text to slides, insert pictures and slides, manipulate smartart, run a slide show, print a presentation, apply animation, format drawing objects, insert videos, apply themes, use slide masters, set up a slide show, and insert actions, charts, tables and objects. Restricted to Texas state Health and Human Services employees.

Mastering Project Made Easy Version 2013-2010 - DV0954 
DVD 420 min. approx 2013 Adult
Viewers will learn how to do the following: become comfortable in the project environment, create new projects, tasks, and work resources, assign work resources to tasks, track project tasks, format gantt chart views, use other project views, master advanced task and resource management, monitor resources and costs, use the organizer and ribbon, and create and modify reports. Restricted to Texas state Health and Human Services employees.

Mastering Word Made Easy Version 2013-2007 - DV0950 
DVD 420 min. approx 2013 Adult 
Viewers will learn how to create basic documents, format text and images, create and use tables, templates, mail merges, macros, inserting table formulas, drawing objects, and much more. Restricted to Texas state Health and Human Services employees.

Mastering Word Made Easy Version 2013-2007 - DV0950 
DVD 420 min. approx 2013 Adult 
 Viewers will learn how to create basic documents, format text and images, create and use tables, templates, mail merges, macros, inserting table formulas, drawing objects, and much more. Restricted to Texas state Health and Human Services employees.

Medicated Child - DV1065 
DVD 60 min. 2008 Adult 
Today children as young as four years old are being prescribed more powerful anti-psychotic medications because of the growing number of bipolar diagnosis.  Frontline confronts psychiatrists, researchers, and government regulators about the risks and benefits of prescription drugs for troubled children.

Meeting Management Challenges - DV0924
DVD 11 min. 2012 Adult 
What are the most effective ways of responding to employee issues? This video is an ideal resource for any manager wanting greater insight into their employees and various strategies for dealing with difficult situations. Learning points include posting inappropriate information on social media web sites, breaches in confidentiality, covering up mistakes, downturns in performance, and workplace bullying.

Meeting Management Challenges 2 - DV0925 
DVD 11 min. 2012 Adult 
Successful resolution of problems among colleagues is a vital aspect of good management. This video leads viewers through ways to deal with unreasonable demands, individuals who are not team players, speaking without thinking, and dealing with poor job performance.

Men Get Depression - DV1031 
DVD 60 min. 2008 Adult 
This documentary explores the corrosive effect of depression on the self, relationships and careers through the intimate profiles of real men and their families. Medical authorities on depression offer commentary on its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Mental Health: The Basics - DV1123 
DVD 19 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult 
How we feel and the factors that influence mood and emotion are explored in this upbeat, animation-driven program. Viewers learn some symptoms and causes of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, and the many ways in which people cope with these challenges. The concept of stigma is also examined, including a look at how negative attitudes toward those with mental illness may be changed.

Meth Epidemic - DV1064 
DVD 60 min. 2011 Adult 
Frontline investigates the ongoing meth problem in America: the devastating impact on individuals, families and communities and the state-by-state battles to make pseudoephedrine a prescription drug.

Meth Inside Out: Brain and Behavior - DV1078
DVD 34 min. 2009 Senior High - Adult
Brain & Behavior equips viewers with an understanding of how meth changes the brain and, consequently, behavior…Users learn how to better cope with the stages of meth addiction and recovery by gaining an understanding of the biological underpinnings.

Meth Inside Out: Human Impact - DV1076 
DVD 34 min. 2009 Senior High - Adult 
Human Impact provides an eye-opening introduction to meth's impact on individuals, families, and communities across the globe.

Meth Inside Out: Window to Recovery -  DV1077 
DVD 42 min. 2009 Senior High - Adult 
Windows to Recovery explores effective treatment practices across program types and settings. It empowers the viewer by providing actionable information and concrete tools for recovery including creating structure, participating in sober activities, avoiding high-risk situations, and coping with craving.

Methamphetamine 101: Etiology and Physiology of an Epidemic - DV1067 
DVD 100 min. 2004 Adult-Professional 
Experts in the field of substance abuse treatment provide an overview of the social implications and history of the current epidemic of methamphetamine abuse, along with the physiological effects of methamphetamine use.

Methamphetamine 102: Introduction to Evidence-Based Treatments - DV1068 
DVD 120 min. 2004 Adult-Professional 
Experts in the field of substance abuse treatment outline an evidence-based approach to the treatment of people addicted to methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine and the Brain - DV1147
DVD 25 min. 2010 Adult 
This program describes the effects and side effects users of methamphetamine experience and how they differ depending on the dose and method of use. It also explains why the depression following a prolonged binge is so severe and the treatment so difficult.

Methamphetamine: Nowhere Fast - DV1081
DVD 12 min. 2006 Senior High 
A fast paced, no holds barred look at the destructive power of methamphetamine. The seductive power of this drug is put under a microscope of insight helping to show young people what can happen when methamphetamine pervades their life.

Molly: Innocent Name, Deadly Drug - DV1047
DVD 16 min. 2014 Junior High-Adult 
Molly, a pure form of Ecstasy or MDMA, is the drug of choice for many young people who falsely believe the drug is safe. Often handed out at raves and electronic music festivals, Molly is exposed as the grave danger it really is. Interviews with former Molly users, drug experts, and a parent of a teen who died after taking Molly demonstrate that taking it is like playing Russian Roulette.

Motivational Interviewing Step by Step: Building Confidence - DV1168 
DVD 116 min. 2012 Adult-Professional 
Janet believes it is important to get more exercise but, as a single mother, doesn’t know how to fit this into her busy life. Julie is a vivacious teenager torn between her love of good food and her desire to lose weight.  Vance is concerned that he is not making as much progress as he would like toward financial security.

Motivational Interviewing Step by Step: Core Concepts - DV1165
DVD 135 min. 2012 Adult-Professional 
Expert MI trainer Cathy Cole discusses the principles and spirit of MI, along with core concepts and techniques such as sustain talk versus change talk, the righting reflex, reflections and affirmations, and other ingredients for change. She describes current thinking on the process of behavior change and provides detailed guidelines for putting MI into practice in a variety of settings.

Motivational Interviewing Step by Step: Increasing Importance -  DV1166 
DVD 123 min. 2012 Adult-Professional 
"MI expert and trainer Cathy Cole demonstrates how to address the issue of importance with clients. Through three full-length sessions, extensive commentary, and pre- and post-session interviews, Cole provides viewers with an exclusive opportunity to see MI in action in diverse settings with people who are initially reluctant to change. Sarah, a college student who has violated her school’s alcohol policy, is required to see Cole as part of her remediation. Sarah, a college student who has violated her school’s alcohol policy, is required to see Cole as part of her remediation. Holly has been told by the doctor that her young daughter is overweight. Finally, Fred is a rising high school senior who is considering dropping out of school."

Motivational Interviewing Step by Step: Resolving Ambivalence - DV1167 
DVD 101 min. 2012 Adult-Professional 
Expert MI practitioner and trainer Cathy Cole conducts three full-length demonstration sessions where the focus is on fully exploring both sides of ambivalence. Jim has been offered a job promotion that would ease his family’s financial struggles but require extensive travel. Holly has mixed feelings about when to stop breastfeeding her son. Kathy is reluctant to stop smoking but concerned about her health.

My Children are Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol - DV1083
DVD 32 min. 2012 Adult 
Four parents talk about their struggle to help their child with their drug or alcohol addiction. The first thing the parents learn is enabling the child just prolongs the recovery. Parents learn that they did not cause the addiction, they cannot control it, and they cannot cure it. The meetings provide the parents the tools to deal with the issues and hope for happiness in their own lives.

My Spouse is Drinking and Using Drugs - DV1086 
DVD 29 min. 2012 Adult 
Five real people tell their stories of the struggle to try and change the alcoholic in their lives. They describe the recovery process from losing their identity to avoid conflict, to learning they are worth more. Standing their ground in a diplomatic way is a first step. Taking responsibility for themselves and not focusing on their spouse leads them both down the road to recovery.

No Place Like Home: Management of the Client's Home - DV0958
DVD 24 min. 2012 Professional 
Essentials of household management such as home organization, house cleaning, laundry, and chores are demonstrated in this DVD. This program documents examples relevant to the health care professional who regularly visits clients’ homes and helps them with activities of daily living. Home health care workers are shown performing home safety checks, establishing relationships with the family and client, and preparing simple meals.

Numb: The Problem with Antidepressants - DV1118 
DVD 65 min. 2011 Senior High - Adult 
Discontinuing the use of antidepressants can be problematic, but many people taking these drugs choose the painful withdrawal process, and subsequent depression, over the emotional numbness the meds can cause. This hard-hitting program documents the drastic effects on the filmmaker’s well-being as he weans himself off Paxil.

Nursing Assistant: Caring for Residents with Dignity and Respect - DV0968 
DVD 16 min. 2014 Professional 
This program describes how frontline caregivers should treat frail and elderly residents when providing them with their daily personal care such as bathing, incontinence care, oral care or dressing. The topics addressed include: protecting a resident’s right to privacy, encouraging residents to assist in their own care, the importance of good communication, and respecting a resident’s right to choose his or her own schedule of care.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: 20/20 - DV1030 
DVD 13 min. 2007 Adult 
"This 20/20 segment explores the topic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The cameras follow a patient who has a form of OCD called ""harming obsession""."

Older Adults and Addiction - DV1073 
DVD 40 min. 2007 Adult 
As baby boomers reach retirement age, substance abuse among these older adults is on the rise. Besides alcohol abuse, many baby boomers suffer from illicit drug use. The good news is that it is never too late to change. The two presenters in this DVD provide easy-to-follow methods of effectively screening, assessing, and conducting brief interventions.

One Alcoholic to Another: Demystifying AA - DV1149
DVD 40 min. 2011 Adult 
How did Alcoholics Anonymous begin? What influences shaped it into the worldwide, support-focused organization it is today? And what goes on inside a typical AA meeting? This program follows a quest for answers undertaken by two filmmakers. Their search leads them to the Vermont roots of AA’s founders, the structural parallels between AA meetings and civic gatherings, temperance movements predating AA, and more. At the heart of the film, however, are segments that take viewers inside a real AA meeting. With animated faces disguising the live-action participants, these scenes offer a poignant window into the confrontation of addiction.

Overdose Epidemic: What Can Be Done to Stop it - DV1045
DVD 20 min. 2014 Junior High-Adult 
This program takes a hard look at drug overdose from three points of view, an ER doctor, a pharmacologist, and several teens who have overdosed and lived to tell about it. Viewers learn the most lethal drug overdose happens when users combine various drugs that can cause almost instant death. Vital information on how to recognize drug overdose in others and how to get help is included.

P.S. I Miss You - DV1005
DVD 23 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
A Family copes with the suicide of a family member. Alcohol becomes a coping mechanism and friends step in to help.

Party 101: Consequences - DV1070 
DVD 67 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
The legal, physical, and social consequences of underage drinking are depicted in scenes with teenagers and police

Party Drugs: In the Know - DV1011
DVD 24 min. 2003 Junior High - Senior High 
"Educates viewers about the tremendous damage that Ecstasy/MDMA, methamphetamine, GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine do to user's live. Contains an in-depth look a the frightening trend of ""date rape"" drug use and provides advice on protecting oneself."

Party Drugs: Real Life Teens - DV1150 
DVD 20 min. 2011 Junior High - Senior High 
This program talks directly to teens by having real teens telling their own stories and experiences. It is designed to provoke thought and conversation amongst teens on difficult-to-discuss issues and show them that their problems and issues are shared by others. Topics include: What is Ecstasy and other club drugs? Why are prescription pills just as dangerous as illegal drugs? Where are prescription drug users sharing “recipes” for getting high?

Perfection - DV1049 
DVD 21 min. 2015 Junior High-Adult 
"This documentary shows three girls and their struggles with eating disorders. The girls discuss what it is like to cope with the symptoms of anorexia, bulimia and ""other specified feeding or eating disorder."" Viewers see common themes such as striving for perfection, obsession with control, and the quest for acceptance, belonging and love."

Positive Psychotherapy: Helping People Thrive - DV1151
DVD 72 min. 2013 Professional 
This film demonstrates the practical application of positive psychotherapy strategies in individual counseling and clinical supervision. It is comprised of an introduction to positive psychotherapy and its benefits followed by eight individual counseling vignettes. Vignettes demonstrate positive psychotherapy strategies, including forgiveness, flow, optimism, finding meaning, savoring, gratitude, satisficing (satisfying and sufficing), and strengths-based clinical supervision.

Pothead - DV1044
DVD 18 min 2014 Junior High-Adult 
This video tells the fictional story of Trevor, a teen becoming gradually addicted to marijuana as his grades slip, his relationships with his parents and friends become strained, and his motivation to do things other than smoke marijuana diminishes. As Trevor's downward spiral plays out, the program weaves in interviews with real teens who were potheads, but managed to turn their lives around.

Prescription Drug Abuse - DV1025 
DVD 22 min. 2001 Adult 
Students will learn what constitutes misuse of a prescription drug. They will learn about the damage they can do to themselves by taking prescription medication in any way not specified by a doctor and how to get help for addictions.

Prescription Drugs: In the Know - DV1006
DVD 15 min. 2003 Junior High - Senior High 
Video shows the viewer the traumatic damage that unauthorized use of pharmaceuticals drugs can do to their social functioning, physical and mental health. Drugs discussed include tranquilizers, stimulants and opioid painkillers.

Pressure Ulcers: Prevention, Care, and Management - DV0978
DVD 18 min. 2008 Professional 
Filmed in healthcare settings and featuring an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, this program is based on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recommendations and leading evidence-based guidelines. This DVD helps ensure compliance with accreditation agencies such as the Joint Commission. It covers the three key elements in a pressure ulcer prevention plan: assessment of risk, protection against risk factors, and education of staff and patients. Viewers learn about identifying, describing, and classifying pressure ulcers according to the NPUAP staging system. It reviews risk factors associated with the acquisition of pressure ulcers, strategies to prevent and manage pressure ulcers, proper wound care, including cleansing, dressing change, pressure redistribution, and pain management.

Prevention to Recovery - DV1097 
DVD 53 min. 2007 Adult 
"Thomas Henderson has dedicated his life for the past twenty years to providing alcohol/drug education and corrections films. ""Best Of"" features segments from each of his nine prevention and recovery films, plus rare footage of some of Henderson's most memorable NFL moments, and appearances by Thomas today as he personally introduces each segment. It can be used in youth programs, adult programs, prevention, treatment, counseling, and corrections."

Prisoners of Addiction - DV1087 
DVD 33 min. 2013 Adult 
This film shows four women who have been incarcerated due to their behavior while using alcohol and drugs. After they found sobriety, they have not returned to prison.

Protecting Your Body at Work, Part 3 - DV0934 
DVD 15 min. 2012 Professional 
This program demonstrates and describes ways healthcare workers can maintain their own safety and avoid injury when they move, turn, and ambulate patients, and when to obtain the assistance of another person or a lifting device.

Psychotropic Medications: Antianxiety Agents - DV1175
DVD 23 min. 2013 Professional 
Upon completion of this program, the viewer will be able to: list the signs and symptoms of generalized anxiety, panic disorder, phobic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder; discuss the pharmacologic treatment options available for each of these anxiety disorders; outline the side effects of the classes of medications used to treat anxiety disorders; explain precautions that need to be taken when prescribing specific medications to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety disorders; state the value of psychotherapy or counseling for individuals with anxiety disorders.

Psychotropic Medications: Antidepressant Agents - DV1174 
DVD 25 min. 2013 Professional 
Upon completion of this program, the viewer will be able to: list the most common signs and symptoms of depression; describe methods a healthcare professional can use to perform an assessment on an individual suffering from depression; explain some theories on the pathophysiology of depression; identify why each of the four categories of medications (tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and multiple mechanism antidepressants) is prescribed; discuss their mechanisms of action; and state possible side effects.

Psychotropic Medications: Antipsychotic Agents - DV1172
DVD 21 min. 2013 Professional 
Upon completion of this program, the viewer will be able to: list some of the theories on the causes of schizophrenia; differentiate between the positive and negative signs of the disorder; explain how cognitive deficits are manifested in an individual with schizophrenia; compare and contrast the characteristics of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder; discuss the difficulties in assessing individuals with schizophrenia; describe the difference between the first and second-generation psychotropic medications used in the management of schizophrenia including their indications for use, actions within the brain and or neurotransmitters, and their metabolism; explain the impact on bodily systems, and side effects; identify motor side effects that are related to medications prescribed for schizophrenia; and state what patient and family education is needed for individuals taking psychotropic drugs.

Psychotropic Medications: Assessment and Intervention - DV1171
DVD 29 min. 2013 Professional 
Upon completion of this program, the viewer will be able to: explain the role of neurotransmitters in the nervous system; describe the range of behaviors and symptoms that should be taken into consideration when assessing for mental illnesses; explain why a presumptive diagnosis requires multiple indicators and persistence of indicative behaviors; describe the therapeutic communication techniques in caring for patients with mental illness; discuss the significant issues that must be addressed during the initiation of intervention; describe the main classifications of psychotropic medications, including uses in treatment and side effects; describe the various non-pharmaceutical therapies utilized for the treatment of mental health disorders; and state what is required for overall good care of patients with mental health disorders.

Psychotropic Medications: Mood Stabilizing Agents - DV1173 
DVD 21 min. 2013 Professional 
"Upon completion of this program, the viewer will be able to: list the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder; compare and contrast bipolar disorder 1 and bipolar disorder 2; outline the different categories of medications used in the management of bipolar disorders; describe their mechanisms of action on the brain; identify how other systems of the body or organs can be impacted by these drugs; state which laboratory tests should be done to assess the drug’s impact on the body; recognize the side effects associated with these medications; and explain how some of these side effects may be minimized."

PTSD and Substance Abuse - DD0756
DD 21 min. 2008 Adult 
Persons with PTSD are more than twice as likely to abuse substances as are those in the general population. This DVD explains this relationship and outlines a strategy for safety treating both conditions. The uses of safe medications, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and several forms of exposure therapy are described.

Puberty for Boys: Top Ten Things to Expect Guide - DV0941
DVD 14 min. 2011 Intermediate-Junior High 
The program explains to boys that sometimes puberty can be confusing and that it’s normal to have many questions. Students will come to understand the changes they can expect to happen during puberty. In the end, viewers will come to appreciate that puberty is a normal part of growing up, there is no right or wrong schedule for development and the timetable is different for everyone.

Puberty for Girls: Top Ten Things to Expect Guide - DV0940 
DVD 14 min. 2011 Intermediate-Junior High 
The program explains to girls that sometimes puberty can be confusing and that it’s normal to have many questions. Students will come to understand the changes they can expect to happen during puberty. In the end, viewers will come to appreciate that puberty is a normal part of growing up, there is no right or wrong schedule for development and the timetable is different for everyone.

Real Life Teens: Drug Addiction - DV1095
DVD 28 min. 2015 Junior High - Senior High 
Today's teens are more exposed to illegal, prescription and over-the-counter drugs than ever before. Many teens are starting to see drug use as part of the normal teenage experience whether to escape, self-medicate, get instant gratification, or hide feelings of low self-esteem. This program discusses the ways teens can resist pressure to try drugs, ways they can say no to their friends and the dangers and consequences if they decide to try drugs.

Real Life Teens: Stoned at School - DV1094
DVD 20 min. 2012 Junior High - Senior High 
Many teens have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience. Some teens will experiment with alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications and may continue to use and develop a dependency. When a teen chooses go to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol it can have serious consequences including an impact on their scholastic rating, impair their academic performance, failure to complete assignments and generally lead to a neglect of their scholastic responsibilities. Staying straight is not only a good decision, but is necessary to succeed at school.

Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa - DV1122 
DVD 17 min. 2012 Senior High 
Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are serious medical conditions that can be deadly if left untreated, and they afflict people of all ages and races, especially young women. This video uncovers facts about eating disorders and the many challenges of coping with them. Viewers meet health and psychology experts as well as patients in recovery who offer honest appraisals of their struggles to overcome debilitating eating disorders.

Reflections in the Rear View Mirror: Moving on from a DUI - DV1153 
DVD 74 min. 2013 Adult 
This compilation of five videos on one DVD covers a number of aspects of impaired driving. It is designed to help facilitate group interaction by encouraging members of a group to discuss their own experiences of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Relapse Prevention Skills - DV1154 
DVD 23 min. 2010 Adult 
This video helps clients address high-risk factors that may cause relapse from their recovery. These methods were adapted from Hazelden's complete relapse prevention skills program, and are based on Alan Marlatt's evidence-based protocols.

The Released - DV1062 
DVD 60 min. 2009 Adult Hundreds of thousands of prisoners with serious mental illnesses will be released into communities across America. Learn what happens to these mentally ill persons after they leave prison and why they return in large numbers.

The Respectful Supervisor: Integrity and Inclusion - DV0944 
DVD 13 min. 2015 Adult 
This program will help supervisors Understand their role in preventing harassment and discrimination while raising their awareness of unconscious bias and micro-inequities. Supervisors are shown how to avoid being bullies, how to act ethically, and how to be inclusive.

The Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees - DV0945 
DVD 11 min. 2015 Adult 
This program urges supervisors to communicate their expectations to employees in one on one meetings so that both the employee and supervisor can solve problems together. Bosses are encouraged to give feedback, both positive and negative. They can motivate and retain employees by providing tools and training, showing concern, and staying up to date about employees’ duties.

Roots of Addiction – Update - DV1088 
DVD 32 min. 2011 Junior High - Senior High 
This highly visual video examines the biological and environmental reasons that people become addicted to substances such as legal drugs (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, etc.), illegal drugs (such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.), and behaviors such as eating disorders, compulsive sexual activity, and compulsive gambling.

Safety Showers and Eye Washes in the Laboratory - DV0979
DVD 9 min. 2014 Adult
Employees may never need a safety shower or an eye wash... but if they do, knowing where they are located, and the proper procedures for using them, can prevent serious injury or possibly even save a life. This training program reviews the correct ways to use this equipment, and emphasize the need for quick action after a chemical splash or spill in a laboratory.

Self-Injury: In the Know - DV1010 
DVD 16 min 2006 Junior High - Senior High 
This video provides insight and facts on the negative mental aspects that can lead to self-injury. Psychologists and health care professionals give both evidence and advice on how to deal with the reality of self-injury.

Shadow Voices - DV1085 
DVD 58 min.  Adult 
Forty-five million Americans suffer from mental illness. Ten people with mental illness tell their stories, plus experts and advocates in the field add perspectives and insights, offering an inside look at what it is like to live with a mental illness and how individuals and their families find their way through medical, governmental, societal and spiritual issues.

Shattered Mind: Investigative Reports - DV1016
DVD 50 min. 1999 Adult 
This DVD shows how patients, if medicated, can lead normal and productive lives. Once off their medication, though, they can cause harm to themselves and to others.

The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer - DV0930 
DVD 59 min 2013 Adult 
This video shows how football programs and athletes can reduce concussions by playing smarter. Instead of simply identifying the risks of long-term brain injury in football, it offers specific solutions and steps that can be taken right now to minimize those risks.

SMASHED: Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol - DV1036 
DVD 75 min. 2004 Senior High - Adult 
This graphic presentation of the devastating consequences of underage drinking and impaired driving focuses on the effects of impaired driving collisions when the victims do not die. It shows the devastating injuries that result from these accidents.

Speaking Out on Abuse: The Resident's Perspective - DV0967 
DVD 23 min. 2006 Professional 
With great emotion, residents define abuse from their perspective. Frail and unable to function independently, their well-being is dependent on others. Often unable to get out of bed by themselves, the call bell at a nursing home or assisted living facility may be their only way of communicating with nursing staff. To them, a call bell ignored is a call for help ignored. To be neglected, to be left in pain, and to be allowed to remain soiled are all unacceptable to them. Residents also emphasize that negative, critical and demeaning comments or attitudes are never appropriate and very hurtful. Their only connection with the world each day may be nursing staff, and for their emotional well-being, they explain their need for courteous, positive, and empathetic interactions.

Spirituality in Addictions - DV1155 
DVD 30 min. 2013 Adult-Professional 
Through the comments of an addictions counselor and a married couple who have each struggled with addictions, the place of spirituality and religion in the context of addictions is explored in this video. How addictions impact a person’s whole being is examined, as well as how spiritual and religious beliefs and practices help in recovery from addictions. The effect of addictions on spiritual needs is described, such as the need for meaning and purpose and the need for love and relatedness. The concept of spiritual growth through recovery is discussed. Implications for clinicians are also included.

Standing Tall: Stories of Resilience - DV1124 
DVD 29 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult 
Resilience is an important psychological concept and a way of coping with stress and catastrophe that we all need. People who lack resilience, who become overwhelmed and distraught with situations that occur in everyday life, often find themselves in a persistent negative mood and may even show signs of mental illness. Focusing on building resilience and adaptive coping skills, this program profiles two young adults as they learn strategies for overcoming stress and challenges. It touches on physical as well as mental health and suggests ways of emerging from and staying out of depression—demonstrating to viewers that an ability to push ahead after a setback is vital for personal development.

Steroids: In the Know - DV1058 
DVD 17 min. 2006  Senior High - Adult 
This DVD shows teens both the physical and mental effects of steroid use. It also provides teens with reasons why steroid use is no substitute for hard work and natural competition.

Straight Talk: Heroin and Opiates - DV1091
DVD 49 min. 2011 Adult 
David Ohlms, M.D. and Delbert Boone, both icons in the field of addiction and recovery, offer a comprehensive look at the growing problem of heroin and opiate addiction. Together, they explore the myths and misconceptions of opiate use, addiction, and recovery. Viewers gain valuable knowledge about the biological effects of opiate dependency from Dr. Ohlms, and gain personal insight into heroin addiction and recovery from Boone. Also included are personal interviews with recovering opiate addicts, who candidly share the beginnings of their addiction, their downward spiral into the world of heroin and opiate use, the trials of their recovery and relapse, and their hope for the future.

Stress: In the Know - DV1032 
DVD 15 min. 2006 Junior High - Senior High 
Chronic stress is a very common and harmful problem, so it is important that teens know both the warning signs and effects of stress. This DVD provides teens with methods for dealing with and preventing stress.

Stress: Portrait of a Killer - DV1072
DVD 52 min. 2008 Adult 
A series of laboratory and field experiments demonstrated that stress, long thought to be an exclusively psychological phenomenon, is measurable and dangerous on a physical level. Stanford neurobiologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky studied baboons (Papio) on the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, measuring their levels of stress hormones caused by social hierarchies.

Suicide: In the Know - DV1055 
DVD 14 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
Provides insight and facts on the negative mental aspects that can lead to teen suicide. Candid interview with parents of suicide victims, troubled teens, psychologists and health care professionals give evidence and advice on how to deal with the reality of suicide.

Teen Anxiety Disorder - DV1004 
DVD 13 min. 2008 Senior High - Adult 
Two experts show how to recognize and help treat social anxiety disorder in teens.

Ten Bad Things You Didn't Know about Smoking and Tobacco - DV1035 
DVD 17 min. 2015 Junior High-Adult 
This program offers teens ten reasons to help them realize that tobacco is harmful to their health. They include: today's cigarettes are more lethal than ever before. Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. Smoking causes type-2 diabetes. Smoking causes eye disease and blindness. Six other facts are presented.

These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide - DV1121 
DVD 17 min. 2013 Senior High 
High school student Chloe is shocked to discover her best friend has taken his own life. She finds herself and those around her, struggling to cope with the complex, confusing emotions of grief and loss. The tragedy leads Chloe to seek counseling to deal with her feelings.

Thin - DV1069
DVD 102 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
This film takes us inside the walls of Renfrew Center, a residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders, closely following four young women who have spent their lives starving themselves-- often to the verge of death.

Think About It: Peer Pressure and Choosing to Drink - DV1119
DVD 19 min. 2011 Senior High - Adult 
"David and Julie are excited but nervous about their invitation to a party hosted by ""the cool kids."" Sharing his thought process with viewers, David describes an elevated heart rate and feelings of being a social outcast, laughed at because he and Julie don't drink. David allows a subtle form of peer pressure to take control, with tragic results. In this dramatization the potential consequences of choosing to drive while intoxicated are played out."

This Emotional Life (3 DVDs) - DV1063 
DVD 360 min. 2009 Adult 
This program explores ways we can improve our social relationships, learn  to cope with problems like depression and anxiety and become more positive and resilient individuals. Contains three program discs titled Family, Friends and Lovers, Facing Our Fears, and Rethinking Happiness.

Time Bomb: Oxycontin Addiction - DV1117
DVD 43 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult 
It was touted as a miracle pill: a narcotic pain reliever that could change the lives of people suffering from chronic pain, but with little risk of addiction. This film examines why medical schools, GPs and specialists in pain clinics readily embraced the drug at first, and why some have now changed their minds. The manufacturer has now stopped making it altogether, replacing it with a new formulation known as OxyNeo.

Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together(Spanish) /Tabaco y la Muerte: Una Combinacion Mortal (closed captioned) - DV0972 
DVD 28 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
Documentary interviews of real people whose lives have been ravaged by tobacco use are intertwined with actual images of diseased lungs, damaged hearts, and various cancers to give viewers a true picture of the effects of tobacco. The program opens bleakly in a morgue and crosscuts with interviews of smokers dying from head and neck cancers, lung cancers and heart disease. Leading anti-tobacco experts weigh in with the latest statistics on morbidity and mortality rates, including the rising numbers of deaths of young adults due to tobacco use. This DVD takes a hard look at the devastating health issues caused by tobacco. A file of the Teacher’s Resource Guide is available on the DVD. You must have a computer with a DVD-ROM and Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the guide. Right click on the DVD icon and the double click on the file titled “Teacher’s Resource Book”.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana: In the Know - DV1008
DVD 23 min. 2003 Junior High - Senior High 
"This video shows the tremendous damage that tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana do to users' lives. Shows that these ""gateway"" drugs dramatically increase the odds that a user will go on to abuse cocaine or heroin."

Tobacco-Just Say Know - DV1003
DVD 14 min. 2004 Junior High - Senior High 
Teen narrators guide students through a lively question and answer format that delivers hard facts about tobacco. Stresses deadly diseases caused by smoking.

Top Ten Myths about Alcohol and Drugs (Spanish)/10 Mitos Principales Sobre el Alcohol y las Drogas (closed captioned) - DV0971
DVD 20 min. 2007 Senior High - Adult 
This program exposes the following myths about drugs: Everybody’s doing it; I can stop when I feel like it; Beer isn’t as bad as hard liquor; I can get high and still be in control; I can drive a car high on marijuana; Marijuana isn’t harmful or addictive; Prescription drugs can’t hurt me because they’re legal; Drugs help relieve stress; Drugs and alcohol do not damage the brain; and Steroids do not damage the body. Each of these myths is rebutted with cold, hard facts, challenging teens to recognize harmful behaviors in themselves and others and to take full responsibility for their personal health and safety. A file of the accompanying Teacher’s Resource Guide is available on the DVD. To open the file you need to load the DVD onto a computer that has a DVD-ROM and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Right click on the DVD icon and then double click on the file titled “Teacher’s Resource Book.”

Top Ten Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol (closed captioned) - DV0963
DVD 16 min. 2016 Senior High 
Young viewers learn how drinking alcohol can lead to impaired decision making, vision impairment, memory loss, long term brain damage, addiction, driving while under the influence and in some cases death. They also learn of the legal and safety issues involved.

Totally Disgusting Alcohol Gross Out Video - DV1041
DVD 15 min. 2015 Junior High-Adult 
This video will get students to think twice before engaging in underage drinking. The vomiting, the stomach pumping, the DUI's, the toilet clutching, the hangovers, the ER visits, the bad decision making are all there. Viewers will gain a thorough understanding of how alcohol affects the body and the risks associated with alcohol use.

Toxic Life Cycle of Cigarette - DV1028
DVD 17 min. 2015 Junior High-Adult 
Most people know that smoking is bad for your health, but what about the lesser known effects of cigarette manufacturing, consumption and disposal? In this program students hear from teenage farm workers who describe being exposed to harmful pesticides and nicotine poisoning. It details how around 600 chemical additives are added to tobacco and that the purpose of many of these chemicals is to make the experience of smoking more addictive. A leading scientist describes the hazards of secondhand smoke to nonsmokers and how they, too, are put at risk for cancer and heart disease. Students also learn how cigarette smoke can leave a toxic residue called third hand smoke that coats furniture, carpets, drapery and clothing and poses a lingering health risk long after smoking has stopped. Finally they see how cigarette butts make up a large part of the world’s litter and that the poisonous chemicals remaining in this litter threaten wildlife and our own health.

The Transforming Power of Caregiving - DV0915 
DVD 46 min. 2014 Adult 
There is a natural sense of loss when the need for caregiving is over. Caregivers face the double sorrow of the death of a loved one as well as the ending of a primary purpose and role in life. Part of the experience of after-caregiving is to find a “new normal.” Many factors go into the development of a new identity after the death of a loved one. It is okay to feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and to ask for help in facing the unfamiliar. It is important that caregivers give themselves permission to experience these things and try to look towards the future.

Triggers: How to Use them to Strengthen Your Recovery - DV1169
DVD 12 min. 2012 Adult 
Bob Francis, LICDC-CS, urges those in recovery to change their attitude towards reminders and habits that trigger their desire to abuse drugs, alcohol, or other substances. He provides suggestions on how to turn those triggers into positive action by having a plan in place that will help them resist the urge to relapse.

Troubled Teens Talk: Drug Addiction - DV1096 
DVD 22 min. 2014 Junior High - Senior High 
In this program experts discuss their experiences working with drug addiction among teenagers. Current and ex-addicts tell of their daily battle with this deadly addictive behavior. Teens share their drug history and rehabilitation treatments on their journey to recovery.

Troubled Teens: Talk Alcohol Addiction - DV1093
DVD 22 min. 2014 Junior High - Senior High 
What are the damaging effects drinking can have on teenagers? This program talks to teens out for a good time, alcohol addicts, as well as those working hard to combat the problem.

The 12 Steps w/Delbert Boone (2 DVDs) - DV1092
DVD 150 min. 2012 Adult 
Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps. He addresses how most alcoholics and addicts want to make sobriety an event, when in fact it is a process, and he explains how each of the Twelve Steps is an important part of the process.  He says that regardless of what the drug of choice is, the results are the same.  Going to meetings and working the Steps will lead the addict down the road to recovery. Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps. He addresses how most alcoholics and addicts want to make sobriety an event, when in fact it is a process, and he explains how each of the Twelve Steps is an important part of the process.  He says that regardless of what the drug of choice is, the results are the same.  Going to meetings and working the Steps will lead the addict down the road to recovery.

Underage Drinking: Is It Worth It? - DV1043 
DVD 27 min. 2014 Junior High-Adult 
This docudrama lays out the many risks of underage drinking. Counselors, law enforcement personnel, DUI victims, former teen abusers, medical experts and family members contribute dramatic insights. Scientific studies show how even small amounts of alcohol can create chronic health issues for teen brains.

Understand Mental Illness & Schizophrenia: Healthy Body - DV1000
DVD 26 min. 2006 Adult 
Although mental illnesses severely affect thoughts, moods, and coping abilities, a fulfilling life is still possible for people who face those challenges. Outlining the symptoms and possible causes of schizophrenia, clinical depression, and bipolar disorder, this program explores various treatment options and identifies ways that patients can achieve personal independence.

Understanding Anorexia and Bulimia - DV1027 
DVD 28 min. 2005 Junior High - Senior High 
Examining the causes and cures of eating disorders can help victims to face their problems and to seek the treatment that they need in order to survive.

Understanding Bi-polar Disorder : Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - DV1001
DVD 26 min. 2006 Adult 
This program demystifies Bipolar disorder by introducing research advancements and new treatments. The program proves conclusively that, with patience and support, people with Bipolar Disorder can live productive, fulfilling lives.

Vaping: More Dangerous than You Think - DV1038 
DVD 21 min. 2015 Junior High-Adult 
This video addresses the craze of vaping drugs (nicotine, alcohol, liquid marijuana and others). This program demonstrates the serious health risks of vaping, including drug overdose, instant high or drunk, alcohol poisoning, and impaired thinking and decision making. Swallowing liquid nicotine has put hundreds of teen in emergency rooms.

What Made Me Stop Drinking - DV1159 
DVD 32 min. 2012 Adult 
This video offers a revealing look into the lives of people who are addicted to alcohol. Four very different individuals finally faced a brutal reality.  Their lives and health were falling apart because of alcohol addiction. The stories are brought to life by personal interviews with the four subjects as well as a specialist in treating alcohol addiction.

What's the Real Deal - DV1037
DVD 23 min. 2002 Senior High 
This compilation of three films, Toothpaste, A memoir to my former self and All Falls Down covers the topics of dating, pregnancy, self-esteem, and eating disorders.

What's Up with E-Cigarettes - DV1039 
DVD 19 min. 2014 Junior High-Adult 
Kids think that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking. This program gives students the facts and urges extreme caution. Viewers learn the truth about nicotine addiction and its impact on health. Many additional dangers of e-cigarettes are presented.

Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why it Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It - AC0040
AC 495 min. 2012 Adult 
"This book is based on Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal's wildly popular course ""The Science of Willpower,"" The Willpower Instinct is the first book to explain the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness, and productivity."

Women and Addiction - DV1075
DVD 74 min. 2007 Adult-Professional 
Explores the gender-specific approaches that make a real difference for women in treatment.

Work Life Balance (closed captioned) - DV0957 
DVD 31 min. 2015 Adult 
Not so long ago, people used to go to school or work, then had the rest of the day to enjoy their personal lives. But in today’s always-connected world, work life and home life are blending. This video looks at the phenomenon with an eye for keeping a proper balance that leads to happiness, health and success both at home and at work. It presents strategies for coping with stress, taking responsibility, being organized, managing time and maintaining focus with interviews with experts, professionals, seasoned telecommuters, and students.

World's Most Dangerous Drug - DV1033
DVD 52 min. 2006 Senior High - Adult 
Methamphetamine is considered to be one of the hardest drugs to quit. This program investigates the meth epidemic to uncover the menace meth poses to society and to find out why many consider it the most dangerous drug.

Young Adults Discover the 12 Steps - DV1160
DVD 56 min. 2014 Senior High - Adult 
Young people in recovery discuss how working a Twelve Step program helps them in their recovery journey. This video includes information about what a Twelve Step group is, how to find a home group, what happens at a meeting, what to expect at the first meeting, and how to find a sponsor. Each of the 12 Steps is discussed by young people in recovery who share their personal stories about how working the Steps have helped them stay clean and sober.

Youth and College Drinking: Breaking the Patterns - DV1012
DVD 60 min. 2006 Adult 
This program looks at the implications of student drinking and drug use and the effects on their student life and achievements. Emphasis is on the role of school administrators and parental influencing factors related to young adult behaviors.

Youth and Drugs of Abuse: Prevention to Recovery - DV1163 
DVD 57 min. 2013 Senior High - Adult 
Doctors and clinicians join teens and young adults with firsthand accounts to discuss the symptoms and consequences of substance use. Alcohol and other drugs of abuse are discussed across the continuum from prevention and intervention, to treatment and early recovery. Short- and long-term consequences of alcohol and other drug use are explained, as well as the basic signs of addiction. How alcohol or other drug use affects the developing brain and body is revealed. Positive alternatives to use and refusal skills are outlined. Finally the video covers how to get help and what the treatment experience is like.

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