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Occupational Health Reports and Publications


Acute Pesticide Illnesses Associated with Off-Target Pesticide Drift from Agricultural Applications - 11 states, 1998-2006

Total release fogger exposures reported to Texas poison centers, 2000–2009

Acute Illnesses Associated with Exposure to Fipronil - Surveillance From 11 States in the United States, 2001 - 2007

Acute Antimicrobial Pesticide-related Illnesses among Workers in Health-care Facilities - California, Louisiana, Michigan, and Texas, 2002-2007

Illnesses and Injuries Related to Total Release Foggers --- Eight States, 2001-2006

An Epidemiology in Texas 2006 Annual Report from the Texas Department of State Health Services Infectious Disease Control Unit. October 29, 2007/Volume 64/Suppl.No.1

Acute Pesticide Poisoning in the U.S. Retail Industry, 1998-2004"pdf" (126.3KB)

Acute Illness Associated with Pesticide Exposures at Schools"pdf" (144KB)

Texas SENSOR, Final Progress Report, 2002-2006 

Acute Pesticide-Related Illness Among Emergency Responders, 1993-2002"pdf" (151KB)

Unintentional Topical Lindane Ingestions - United States, 1998-2003 

Acute Occupational Pesticide-Related Illnesses in the US, 1998-1999: Surveillance Findings from the SENSOR - Pesticides Program"pdf" (167KB)

Surveillance for Acute Insecticide - Related Illness Associated with Mosquito Control Efforts - Nine States, 1999-2002

Acute Pesticide-Related Illnesses Among Working Youths,1988-1999"pdf" (114KB)

Illness Associated with Occupational Use ofFlea-Control Products - California, Texas, and Washington, 1989-1997

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