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    Email the HIV/STD Program

    Email HIV, STD, Hepatitis C, and TB data requests to the Program – Use this email to request Texas HIV, STD, Hepatitis C, and TB data and statistics. Do not use this email to request treatment or infection history for individuals, or to request information on programs or services. Do not email personal, identifying health information such as HIV status, date of birth, or Social Security Number.

    For treatment/testing history, please contact your local health department.

    For information on HIV testing and services available to persons living with HIV, please contact your local HIV services organization.

Texas HIV Medication Program – Disaster Preparedness for THMP Clients

Disaster Preparedness Steps

Step 1: Get Ready

  • Keep your prescriptions up to date.
  • Ask your doctor to give you a copy of helpful medical information, and keep that information with you.
  • Keep track of approaching storms via weather forecasts. Be sure to refill your prescriptions a few days before a storm arrives; do not wait until the last minute!

Step 2: Evacuate when instructed and take:

  • All of your medications in their original bottles (with labels attached).
  • A backup list of all medications you take and their dosages (use the Hurricane Preparedness form (PDF)).
  • Helpful medical information.
  • Your clinic’s name, your doctor’s name, and phone number.
  • Your medical and insurance cards.
  • Picture identification, Social Security card, and any important legal papers.
  • Medical equipment and supplies (dentures, glucometers & strips, nebulizers, and crutches).
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Water, non-perishable food, and cash.
  • The Hurricane Preparedness form (PDF) with your medications and important numbers.

Step 3: Medication, Medication, Medication

  • Make sure you bring all medications with you.
  • If your HIV medications are running out, do not skip doses to stretch them out. Get refills as soon as possible!
  • If you run out of one of your HIV medications – stop all of your HIV medications until you can get refills. Taking incomplete doses of your HIV regimen could lead to therapy complications later.
  • Do not stop taking other medications for other medical conditions unrelated to your HIV infection. Seek refills from a local provider or pharmacy.
  • If you evacuate or your normal pharmacy is closed, call the Texas HIV Medication Program at 1-800-255-1090. You can speak to any staff person to find out how to get your medications.

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Last updated May 17, 2022