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Message to the Community – Moving Forward Together Draft Plan

Thank you again for being part of the DSHS Moving Forward Together Plan to ensure engagement and collaboration with stakeholders. The continued support and input from our partners have been invaluable to the Texas HIV Medication Program staff working to prepare and publish this important action plan.

This living document will evolve over time as we continue to receive input and work towards a comprehensive document. Please send feedback and suggestions to DSHS at

THMP Moving Forward Together Plan

Moving Forward Together Draft Plan

The Moving Forward Together partnership was established in March 2021 to give community stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the financial challenges facing the Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP) and provide input to DSHS on how best to address these challenges.

It is critical that stakeholders understand the THMP funding deficit and the reasons for the cost containment measures that DSHS implemented. It is equally important that stakeholders have an opportunity to ask questions and propose other strategies for THMP long-term sustainability.

For these reasons, about 370 stakeholders were invited to a virtual town hall meeting hosted by DSHS on March 24, 2021. Participants included people living with HIV, HIV advocates, Ryan White providers, community pharmacies, ADAP enrollment workers (AEWs) and regional liaisons, medical providers, Administrative Agencies, and pharmaceutical representatives.

About 275 partners and stakeholders came together to ask questions and provide input on how DSHS could best optimize THMP considering the funding deficit. Town hall speakers presented a framework to set the stage and launch the conversation about HIV in Texas, the role of DSHS and the need for THMP cost containment measures.

This webpage was created as a by-product of the March 24 meeting to provide information on Moving Forward Together activities, reports, meetings, and frequently asked questions. We encourage all THMP stakeholders to visit this page frequently, sign up to receive email updates, and continue providing input to us.

Response to THMP Town Hall Questions
FAQs are now available. Your feedback has been invaluable to DSHS as we move toward finding the best solutions to resolve the THMP budget shortfall. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to respond to and involve our most important asset – our stakeholders.

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September 29, 2021 Texas HIV Medication Program Partnership Meeting
DSHS hosted a virtual Moving Forward Together Partnership Meeting on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. Thank you to everyone who took part!

June 30, 2021 Texas HIV Medication Program Partnership Meeting
DSHS held a virtual Partnership Meeting to continue discussions regarding the Texas HIV Medication Program Moving Forward Together Plan.

View the slide presentation.

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