THMP – Disaster Preparedness for THMP Clients

Disaster Preparedness Steps

Step 1: Get Ready

  • Keep your prescriptions up to date.
  • Ask your doctor to give you a copy of helpful medical information, and keep that information with you.
  • Keep track of approaching storms via weather forecasts. Be sure to refill your prescriptions a few days before a storm arrives; do not wait until the last minute!

Step 2: Evacuate when instructed and take:

  • All of your medications in their original bottles (with labels attached).
  • A backup list of all medications you take and their dosages (use the Hurricane Preparedness form).
  • Helpful medical information.
  • Your clinic’s name, your doctor’s name, and phone number.
  • Your medical and insurance cards.
  • Picture identification, Social Security card, and any important legal papers.
  • Medical equipment and supplies (dentures, glucometers & strips, nebulizers, and crutches).
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Water, non-perishable food, and cash.
  • The Hurricane Preparedness form with your medications and important numbers.

Step 3: Medication, Medication, Medication

  • Make sure you bring all medications with you.
  • If your HIV medications are running out, do not skip doses to stretch them out. Get refills as soon as possible!
  • If you run out of one of your HIV medications – stop all of your HIV medications until you can get refills. Taking incomplete doses of your HIV regimen could lead to therapy complications later.
  • Do not stop taking other medications for other medical conditions unrelated to your HIV infection. Seek refills from a local provider or pharmacy.
  • If you evacuate or your normal pharmacy is closed, call the Texas HIV Medication Program at 800-255-1090. You can speak to any staff person to find out how to get your medications.