Health Service Region 4 and 5N Epidemiological Response Team Contacts

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness program was created within the Department of State Health Services as a result of a grant allocated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to upgrade public health preparedness for response to bioterrorism, other outbreaks of infectious disease, and other public health threats and emergencies. Areas include:

Preparedness Planning and Readiness Assessment

Surveillance and Epidemiology

Laboratory Capacity-Biologic Agent

Health Alert Network Communications and Information Technology

Communicating Health Risks and Health Information Dissemination

Education and Training

Bioterrorism may occur as covert events, in which persons are unknowingly exposed and an outbreak is suspected only upon recognition of unusual disease clusters or symptoms. Bioterrorism may also occur as announced events, in which persons are warned that an exposure has occurred. For this reason, there are numerous plans developed to improve the overall preparedness to bioterrorism events, infectious disease outbreaks, or any other public health emergencies to ensure that the residents of our Region are safe and prepared.

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Contacts

Headquarters are in Tyler office unless otherwise indicated:

Contact Information

Sean Arviso
Program Manager 
(903) 533-5226


Sharon Owens
Program Specialist
(936) 544-3559
Crockett, TX 

Kimberly Friend 
SNS Coordinator 
(903) 533-5302


Program Specialist
(903) 843-4233
Gilmer, TX

Calvin Nicholson
(903) 533-5218


Program Specialist
(936) 633-3681
Lufkin, TX


January Smith
(903) 533-5210

Sherrie Johnson
Program Specialist
(903) 927-0231
Marshall, TX


Jessica Ellis
(903) 533-5270


Melanie Reece
Program Specialist
(936) 569-4974
Nacogdoches, TX


Stephanie Williamson
Public Health Technician II
(903) 533-5328


David Wood
Program Specialist
(903) 439-9338
Paris, TX


Sherri Thigpen
Program Specialist
(903) 791-3427
Texarkana, TX

24/7 Phone: (866) 310-9698

Last updated February 25, 2021