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The Lead-Safe Texas Newsletter is published by the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Blood Lead Surveillance Branch (BLSB) to provide information on lead poisoning prevention news and updates. Sign-up to receive the semi-annual Lead-Safe Texas Newsletter and informed about lead related activities in Texas.

Newsletter Publications:

October 2022 - Volume 4, Issue 2  

Topics Covered:

National Lead Poison Prevention Week

LeadCare Recall Update

Reporting Results

Community Spotlight

June 2022 - Volume 4, Issue 1  

Topics Covered:


COVID-19 and Testing Trends

Office of Inspector General Report

Reporting Results

New Blood Lead Reference Value

September 2021 - Volume 3, Issue 2

Topics Covered:

Incorporating Lead Education as part of Anticipatory Guidance

Trend of Testing Rates & Numbers of Children Tested in Texas, 2013-2019

Why is it Important to Report?

5 Important Reasons to Follow-Up with Your Child's Blood Lead Test

May 2021 - Volume 3, Issue 1

Topics Covered:

Testing has Decreased: Why it Matters

What the Numbers Say

Investigating from a Distance: How Risk Assessors are Tackling the Pandemic

Retests are Best: How Retesting is a Key Part of Prevention

September 2020 - Volume 2, Issue 2

Topics Covered:

Testing: Every Child Counts

Reporting: An Rx for Success

Don't Let Prevention Take a Back Seat

Complete Report, Complete Peace of Mind

Making Sure Your Practice is Covered: Filing for Reimbursement

Winter/Spring – Volume 2, Issue 1

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