Table 2

Website address linking to all data files:


Primary Source Data from Other DSHS Programs

Data Set


File format details

DSHS Program

Birth defects in Texas

Frequencies and rates for selected birth defects.


User customized HTML tables & CSV files

Birth Defects Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch

Cancer in Texas

Provides cancer incidence/mortality query tool, tables, fact sheets, publications.

User customized reports;

SEER*stat data

Texas Cancer Registry

HIV/STD data

Annual surveillance reports on HIV, AIDS cases and on Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis in Texas.


HIV/STD Program

Immunizations in Texas

Vaccination levels among children who attend public and private schools in Texas.


Immunization Branch

Influenza surveillance in Texas

Influenza activity in Texas taken from laboratory testing, regional and network reports.

Web page or report

Infectious Disease Control Unit

Mental health and substance abuse in Texas

Service utilization data for mental health, substance abuse, and methadone programs.

Excel format upon request via meeting with consultant

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Trauma in Texas

Injury frequencies. Type of injury, age group, gender, county or trauma service area

User customized HTML tables & CSV files

Environmental Epi and Injury Surveillance Group

Tuberculosis in Texas

Cases and rates of Tuberculosis in Texas


Infectious Disease Control Unit, TB Services

Zoonotic diseases

Numbers and kind of human cases of diseases transmitted by animals (e.g., rabies)

Web page

Infectious Disease Control Unit




Last updated April 4, 2012