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Center for Health Statistics

CHS Logo (1K) The Portal for Comprehensive Health Data in Texas

The DSHS Center for Health Statistics was established to provide a convenient access point for health-related data for Texas. Our objective is to be a source of information for assessment of community health and for public health planning. Our data are used to support research, grant applications and policy development and to provide rapid needs response to health emergencies. We also offer technical assistance in the appropriate use of the data we provide, and in the development of innovative techniques for data dissemination. We support the development and application of consistent standards for privacy and statistical validity.

Through the links on the sidebar, and within these pages, you will find statistics on vital events like birth and death, population and demographic information, geographic material and survey data on risk factors and disease prevalence. We also provide information on supply trends for health professions, including nurses, as well as hospital discharge records, and surveys of Texas hospital facilities and charity and community benefits.

We respond to requests for data from a variety of users, both inside the Agencies and external stakeholders. If you can not find what you need on these pages, or have suggestions for improvement, please use the contact information in the sidebar to let us know.

Last updated December 3, 2019