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"We offer internships to allow students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop skills and explore a career path that interests them. We hold our interns to a high standard so they can grow into young working professionals. Their work and support on multiple projects ultimately benefit the productivity of many departments within the Department of State Health Services. We believe teamwork makes the dream work; because of this, we allow our interns to work closely with our own team members and take on special projects that leverage our resources."

The Business Analyst


Master of Business Administration
Texas State University
Summer 2019

Her short-term career goal is to continue to serve Texans by performing data and rate analyses in the Rate Analysis department of HHSC.


Evaluated the performance of TeamMate Analytics Software for the use of compliance reviews. Researched, analyzed data, and presented findings on the funding given to programs. Reported trends, abnormalities, and errors to verify where grant funding was being directed and where it could be reallocated to.

Some of my favorite experiences while interning was working with data to make easy-to-interpret graphics. I enjoyed working with the staff. It made me happy to help them get a better picture of where their work efforts were directed, as well as how much their work impacted Texans. As an intern I was able to I strengthened my Excel skills, which I still use to this day! –Shaylah

Working with the FMU has shown a different side of healthcare that is crucial for the improvement of the healthcare system in Texas. Without the grants the FMU monitors, research and data on ongoing public health matters would not be possible. –Alexx

The Future Medical Director


Bachelor of Science: Public Health
The University of Texas at Austin
Summer 2020

Her background in public health has crafted a passion for helping others achieve overall health and well-being. She is very interested in the business side of health care and wishes to work as a medical director in the future. She was a cheerleader at UT!


Content, creator, and editor for the FMU website. Reviewed, summarized data, and created content for monitoring the usage of specific grants awarded by the DSHS.

The Epidemiologist

Araish Farzana

Master of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Texas A&M University
Summer 2020

She completed her undergraduate studies in dentistry in India. However, her passions shifted, realizing she wanted to work as a public health official or an epidemiologist. Her long-term goal is to promote health and disease prevention at a large scale.


Evaluated the HIV epidemiological data to determine its influences on the funding in community surveillance programs and health policies. Analyzed SCOR data and generated reports on demographic trends for various grants (e.g., Ryan White HIV/AIDS Grants).

I enjoy working here! Even in her busiest days, my supervisor sets time aside for me to help me to better understand the project. I really appreciated the constant support from FMU leadership throughout my internship. Lastly, I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity and making this experience memorable. –Araish Farzana

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The Fraud Analyst


Bachelor of Arts: Asian Culture & Language Minor: Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
Summer 2020

In the future, she wants to be involved in the data analytics field.


Analyzed data in efforts to detect financial fraud submitted by grantees. Using various testing procedures, the risk for fraud was identified. The findings were compiled into visual tables and graphs for management to use to determine future course of actions.

The Healthcare Optimizer


Bachelor of Arts: Health & Society
The University of Texas at Austin
Summer 2020

Her goal is to work in the public health field in some way. She has always been interested in the intersection between healthcare and business. She believes the behind-the-scenes business roles are crucial for ensuring that the healthcare industry is optimally and efficiently functioning.


As a data analyst for the FMU, she worked on a Common Findings Project developing standardized findings in a spreadsheet. The main task was to read through finding reports and organize their content according to grantee, issue type, condition, regulation, and recommendation.

It's important to remember that with any new job or internship you can feel overwhelmed and confused by the work you are being assigned. However, this internship has taught me that it is important to be challenged and to fail because that is what pushes you to grow My experience as an intern has also helped me understand that I should never be afraid to ask questions or reach out for help if I am ever confused or lost. –Kate

Some advice I would give all interns is to reach out to your supervisors when something doesn't make sense. They are very knowledgeable and always happy to help. –Roman

The Financial Regulator


Bachelor of Science: Finance
The University of Texas at Austin
Summer 2020

He enjoys playing basketball, spending time with friends and family, and reading and watching movies! In the future, he would like to do legal work in financial regulation.


Integrated findings from different reports into a central Excel document.

The Economist


Bachelor of Science: Economics | Master of Public Health
Texas A&M University
Summer 2020

As an undergraduate, she studied economics but soon developed a passion for public health. Her goal is to be a health economist in an effort to find sustainable solutions to minimize health inequities. She loves to travel and knows five different languages!


Researched regulations specific to the fiscal aspects of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program in an effort to create training manuals for grantees and recipient agencies. Ensured grantees' compliance with federal and state fiscal requirements specific to program income, charge management, and cost allocation.

I've learned a great deal about the rules and regulations required for grant recipients to remain eligible. Additionally, I've come to understand how to monitor the fiscal aspects of the grant programs. –Susmita

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Last updated October 11, 2021