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"We offer internships to allow students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop skills and explore a career path that interests them. We hold our interns to a high standard so they can grow into young working professionals. Their work and support on multiple projects ultimately benefit the productivity of many departments within the Department of State Health Services. We believe teamwork makes the dream work; because of this, we allow our interns to work closely with our own team members and take on special projects that leverage our resources."

Data/Financial Analyst Intern

Lena-Melianne StarLena-Melianne Star
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Finance
Texas Tech University, 2023
Spring 2024

“I found DSHS particularly appealing. Its focus on fiscal responsibility aligns with my commitment to meticulous financial and data analysis while offering me unique lens into diverse public health domains. Joining DSHS does not only provide a strong foundation but also allow me to contribute to the organization’s mission statement through my analytical skills and dedication.” - Lena


Data Analyst

Kyanna Harris headshotKyanna Harris
Master of Public Health, Community Health
Baylor University, 2024
Fall 2023

Kyanna Harris is a Master of Public Health candidate at Baylor University, with a concentration in community health. As a native of Houston, Texas, Kyanna is deeply passionate about addressing the needs of underserved communities and firmly believes in the transformative potential of interdisciplinary collaborations to effect meaningful change. With this she aspires to secure work with organizations where she can apply her well-honed public health skills to make a substantial and enduring impact.

“I chose the FSO unit because I knew it involved disciplines that I have never touched before. I plan to absorb as much as I can for my public health toolkit.” – Kyanna

Data Analyst

Anita Aimufia headshot.Anita Aimufia
Master of Science, Biostatics and Data Science
University of Texas Health Science Center, 2024
Fall 2023

Anita Aimufia is a Master of Science student at UTHealth Houston, with a major in Biostatics and Data Science. She is interested in public health and data analysis. She aspires to be a Data Analyst in the healthcare sector, using her solid foundation in statistical methods to contribute to evidence-based healthcare practices and improve patient outcomes. Her dedication to bridging the gap between data and public health makes her a promising talent in the field, ready to make a meaningful impact on healthcare through data-driven innovation.

“I chose this internship because I wanted an opportunity to explore the field, DSHS provides opportunities to try out new things and to network. I love learning and I believe DSHS is the perfect place to do so.” -Anita

Data Analyst

Greeshma Bandla

Greeshma Bandla
Master of Health Informatics
University of North Texas, 2024
Spring 2024

Greetings! My name is Greeshma Bandla, and I am currently pursuing a master’s in health informatics at the University of North Texas, expecting to graduate in 2024. Originally from India, my journey into the field of health informatics was molded by a profound sense of its importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I witnessed the crucial role of health informatics in ensuring optimal patient outcomes and the intersection of technology in healthcare, my interest deepened. To further explore this field, I took on a data analyst internship in India, refining my skills and gaining valuable insights. Now, I am eager to delve into the intricacies of the U.S. healthcare system and understand how health informatics functions in this dynamic environment.

“Through this role, I aim to leverage my academic knowledge and practical experience to navigate the complexities of the U.S. healthcare landscape and contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of health information systems. I am excited about the opportunities ahead and the potential impact I can make in this field. “- Greeshma

Data Analyst


Yongwen Yang
Master of Public Health

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Spring 2024

Yongwen Yang is a first year Graduate student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley whos has a strong interest in public health and data analysis.

Data Analyst

Jaden Gray

Jaden Gray
Master of Public Health, Epidemiology

University of Texas Health Science Center Austin, 2024
Spring 2024

Jaden Gray is a Master of Public Health student at UTHealth School of Public Health in Austin, with a concentration in Epidemiology. Jaden was born and raised in Chicago and obtained her undergraduate degree in biological sciences in Laredo, TX. Her interests include infectious diseases and health equity, where she hopes to apply her studies and interests to aid in the prevention and control of infectious diseases and address disproportionate access and quality of healthcare across communities.t

“I chose this internship to expand my knowledge and experience in data analytics within the public health field and learn how to apply it to my own studies and once I have immersed myself into the world of public health post-graduation. “- Jaden

Financial Analyst

Maham AbbasiMaham Abbasi
Master of Public Health, Health Policy

University of Texas at Austin
Spring 2024

“I am excited to understand what goes into financing and maintaining a government agency that protects the well-being of citizens. I think it is an incredible and unique opportunity.” - Maham

HIV Financial Analyst

Vindhya SelvakumarVindhya Selvakumar
Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Management

University of Texas at Dallas, 2025
Spring 2024

My name is Vindhya Selvakumar. I attend The University of Texas at Dallas and am a junior pursuing a B.S. degree in Healthcare Management. In addition to my passion for delving deeper into the diverse facets of healthcare, I also find joy in painting or dancing in my free time.

" I am super excited to work on a project that can significantly impact our community." -Vindhya

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