Topic Program Contact Phone
Naegleria Emerging & Acute Infectious Disease Branch 512-776-7676
Narcotics (Schedule of Controlled Substances) Drugs and Medical Devices Group 512-834-6755
National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Texas Primary Care Office 512-776-7518, ext. 2127
NBS (NEDSS Base System) Public Health Informatics Data and Exchange Unit (PHID) 512-776-7676
Neonatal Designation EMS/Trauma Systems 512-834-6700
Neural Tube Defects Birth Defects Epidemiology and Surveillance 512-776-7232
Newborn Health Information Title V Maternal and Child Health 512-776-7373
Newborn Hearing Screening Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (TEHDI) 800-252-8023, ext. 3957
Newborn Screening Newborn Screening 800-252-8023, ext. 3958
Newborn Screening - Testing Supplies Laboratory Services Section 512-776-7318
Newborn Screening Laboratory Laboratory Services Section 512-776-7318
News Media Relations Press Office 512-776-7119
Norwalk and Norwalk-Like Emerging & Acute Infectious Disease Branch 512-776-7676
Notifiable Conditions (Disease Reporting) Emerging & Acute Infectious Disease Branch 512-776-2663
Nuclear Power Plants/Emergency Response Radiation Control 512-834-6701