Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology Health Practitioner Guidance and Training

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The Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology Health Practioner Guidance and Training provides educational training, conferences, and resources to all public health workers and professionals. We aim to provide you with preventative learning tools and guidance on infectious diseases today.

Guidance Manuals

  • Epi Case Criteria Guide 2024: This document provides infectious disease information for surveillance and data entry staff. It contains a table with condition codes, condition names, and case criteria to aid in the classification and coding of conditions. It is organized alphabetically by condition name.

  • Emerging and Acute Infectious Disease Guidelines 2024: The purpose of this handbook is to provide a centralized resource for outbreak and reportable disease investigations to local and regional health departments in Texas. This handbook is intended as a tool to help local and regional public health staff with their surveillance activities and investigations.

  • A Primer for the Lone Ranger Epidemiologist: This document lists sources of information on specifics such as testing, reporting, training, and data tracking systems.