Managing TVFC ASN Providers

In order to ensure that TVFC & ASN providers operate in accordance with TVFC & ASN standards and policies, responsible entities play an active role in the leadership, organization and coordination of:

  • TVFC & ASN Standards and Policies
  • Vaccine Management
  • Data Reporting
  • Program Evaluation
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Deadlines 
  • Responsible Entity (RE) Accountability
  • Forms and Tools
  • Immunization Resources

For more information about Managing TVFC & ASN Providers, please view the TVFC & ASN Operations Manual and the additional resources listed below.  


Immunization Program Responsible Entity (IPRE) Training

The Immunization Program Responsible Entity (IPRE) Training is an annual event that brings together responsible entities staff from around the state to discuss various topics surrounding oversight of TVFC and ASN providers. 

Review presentations from the 2022 IPRE Training

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