Local Coalitions

About Local Coalitions

Healthy Texas Mothers and Babies (HTMB) community coalitions work with community partners and stakeholders to improve birth outcomes. They want to reduce disparities in infant mortality rates. Local public health partner organizations receive funding through Texas Department of State Health Services to coordinate and support community coalition efforts.  

Texas HTMB Coalitions

Coalition Efforts

  • Gather and analyze data, including community needs assessments;
  • Create strategic plans using data and needs assessment results;
  • Carry out activities included in the strategic plan;
  • Analyze and appraise opportunities to engage community stakeholders and partners in strategic goals;
  • Facilitate community participation in and support of commitment building activities;
  • Coordinate efforts to motivate certain audiences to address health issues; and
  • Assess and identify opportunities to promote preconception peer education activities.                 

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