Public Health Region 4/5 North Programs and Services

We provide many services to the east Texas area.  

Children with Special Health Care Needs 
Get support services for children with special health care needs as well as high-risk women, infants, and children. 

Children's Health Insurance Program 
Learn how you can get low-cost health insurance for your children. 

Community Health 
Read about diabetes education, life jacket loaner programs and other community health services. 

Dental Health 
Find dental care for low-income, underserved pre-school and school-aged children in Texas. 



Find news on school and low-cost vaccines, as well as details on COVID-19. 


Tobacco Prevention and Control 

Learn how to develop non-smoking policies and get educational materials. 


HIV/STD Control 

We do contact tracing to ensure that cases in the community are identified so that people can get the help they need.  

Environmental Health 

Learn about the environmental health inspections of childcare, resident and day youth camps, schools, and migrant-labor housing facilities 

Epidemiological Response Team 

Explore how we prepare for public health threats and emergencies. 

Health Facility Licensure and Compliance 

See how we monitor health care delivery by regulating health care facilities to assure high quality care to the people of Texas. 

Public Health Nursing 

We work to improve health policies and services which address the identified health concerns of the community. 

Social Work Services 

Tuberculosis (TB) Elimination 

Learn how regional and local health departments are working to eliminate TB. 

Zoonosis Control 

We work to stop diseases that can transmit from animals to humans.