• Child Passenger Safety Technicians

    Re-certification requirements

    Prior to paying your re-certification fee, you must complete the following items:

    • Verified seat check activity (5 types)
      • Rear-facing infant
      • Rear-facing convertible
      • Forward-facing
      • LATCH
      • Booster
    • Community event (1 check up or community workshop)
    • Continuing education (6 hours)
      • In-person session/workshop (up to 6 hours)
      • Teleconference (up to 5 hours)
      • Online/web sessions (up to 5 hours, links to current online sessions available on Safe Kids certification site)
      • Newsletters/manuals/journals (up to 3 hours, links to several publications available on Safe Kids certification site)
    • If certified instructor, teaching hours (20)
    For more information on how to re-certify click here.

     You may access and log activity for the above information by going to your online profile at http://cert.safekids.org. Once you log in with your user name and password, click on the item for your current re-certification cycle. The Safe Kids customer service number is 877-366-8154.


    Have you had your safety seat installation signed off by a Safe Riders instructor?

    If so, you must enter the information into your Safe Kids account as soon as possible. Do not take longer than one month to enter the information, otherwise, it cannot be approved. Proof of sign off (e.g. checklist) may be required.

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      Technician / Instructor Map by County

    Map of Texas Child Passenger Safety Technicians by County

    Map of Texas Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructors by County

Last updated March 6, 2018