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Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

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Newborn Hearing Screening Rules

The Department of State Health Services administers the newborn hearing screening program and provides guidance for performing point-of-care hearing screening required for all newborns in the state. Pursuant to Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 47, ensures all babies born in Texas receive a hearing screening, proper intervention, and referrals to services if suspected or diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing. 

Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 47, was amended by House Bill 2255 and Senate Bill 1404, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, 2019. The existing rules for Newborn Hearing Screening in Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Chapter 37, Subchapter S were repealed entirely and replaced with new rules. The new rules are effective beginning December 23, 2020. Due to the changes in statute, the state developed a consent form (English/Spanish) to ensure consent is documented so hearing/intervention outcomes and individually identifying information is shared with the Department of State Health Services Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (TEHDI) Program, and if necessary, the Statewide Outreach Center at Texas School for the Deaf. The information obtained will be used to coordinate services and provide resources to the child and family if needed, and will not be shared with any parties not involved in the child’s hearing screening follow-up and/or intervention process. 

Telehealth Links ECI Children and Families to Needed Services

The Texas Health and Human Services Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program works with children from birth to 36 months with developmental delays or disabilities and their families. ECI is now offering services through telehealth. Download the ECI Telehealth brochure for more information.

COVID-19 and Newborn Hearing Screening

Thank you health care providers for all the work you do on behalf of Texas Newborns. During this public health COVID-19 disaster, we realize that you may need to alter your newborn hearing screening activities. Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for important information. 

July 2019 Distinguished Facilities 

TEHDI recognizes 181 facilities with distinguished status as of the July 2019 certification cycle. View list of distinguished facilities. 

Texas and National Data 

View early hearing detection and intervention annual data and national summaries from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Zade’s Story: TEHDI Makes a Difference

Zade has been wearing hearing aids for most of his young life. In the photo at right, he points to providers in the continuum of care to use the online TEHDI management information system that tracks the screening, diagnosis, and intervention process. Read more about Zade’s journey through the TEHDI process.

Pediatric Audiology Services 

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention – Pediatric Audiologists Links to Services (EHDI-PALS) provides a national web-based directory of facilities that offer pediatric audiology services to young children who are younger than five years of age.

Providers are encouraged to list their facilities in the EHDI-PALS directory. List or update your facility in the directory.

Reporting to TEHDI

All screening and diagnostic test results should be reported to TEHDI (Texas Health and Safety Chapter 47 and Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Chapter 37, Subchapter S). Please visit our reporting section for more information. 

Last updated January 20, 2022