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What is the Timeline for Checking my Child's Hearing?

By 1 Month

• Your baby must have a newborn screening at birth.

• If the baby did not pass, a second screen is done after leaving the birth facility


By 3 Months

• If my baby does not pass the initial screenings, he will need further tests with a pediatric audiologist- —a hearing expert who specializes in the assessment and management of children with hearing loss.

 You may then be referred to:

• Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

• Statewide Outreach Center at the Texas School for the Deaf (SOC at TSD)


By 6 Months

My baby must be enrolled in baby and family services, including:

• ECI Service Coordinator

• Teacher for the deaf or hard of hearing

• Pediatric audiologist/hearing technology evaluation


If you need help finding a pediatric audiologist, ask your baby’s doctor or the hospital staff who conducted your baby’s screening. They may even be able to help you schedule an appointment.


A two-page chart showing the 1-3-6-month guide to the hearing screening and intervention process is available. View the 1-3-6 Guide.

Last updated May 9, 2022