Contact Information - Texas Cancer Registry

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Physical Address

Texas Cancer Registry (Tower 602) 
Texas Department of State Health Services 
1100 West 49th Street 
Austin, TX 78756-3199

Phone Numbers

TCR Main Line: 512-776-3080
TCR Toll Free: 1-800-252-8059
TCR Fax: 512-776-7681

Media Inquires

Mailing Address

Texas Cancer Registry (Mail Code 1928) 
Texas Department of State Health Services 
PO Box 149347 
Austin, TX  78714-9347


Contacts by Topic

Topic Contact Phone
Reporting Requirements, Data Submissions,
Hospital Data Reports (Accession Registers)
Alejandra Martinez, ODS-C 512-776-3612
Follow-up Requests Alejandra Martinez, ODS-C 512-776-3612
Death Submission Reports Jael Davis, ODS-C 512-776-2371
Training Requests/Questions   
Cancer Statistics, Data Requests, Epidemiologic
Research Studies, Patient Contact Studies   
Cancer Treatment Center and Ambulatory Surgical Center Reporting Miriam Robles, ODS-C 512-776-3609
Pathology Laboratory and Physician Reporting Susan Perez, ODS-C 512-776-3605
GenEdits Plus  
TCR Tech Support (Web Plus, File Sharing)  
Cancer Cluster Investigations (Environmental
Surveillance and Toxicology Branch)   

Regional Operations

Registry Operations Manager
Miriam Robles, ODS-C, 512-776-3609

Regional Operations Manager
Allison Vasquez, ODS-C, 512-776-2696 

PHR Contacts
PHR 1, 7, 9 (Austin Office) Alejandra Martinez, ODS-C, RHIT, (Team Lead) 512-776-3612  
Debbie Robert, RHIT, 512-776-3691 
Anshu Bohra, ODS-C, 512-776-2364
PHR 2, 3, 4 (Arlington Office)

Cheryl Harbert, ODS, 817-264-4521
Elizabeth Matthews, ODS, 817-264-4595 
Katrei Burks, 817-264-4596

Texas Department of State Health Services 
Texas Cancer Registry 
1301 S. Bowen Rd., Ste 200 
Arlington, TX 76013 
Phone: 817-264-4594

PHR 8, 10, 11 (Austin Office)  Jihan Solis, ODS-C (Team Lead), 512-776-5924
Martha Baker, ODS-C, 512-776-3326
PHR 5, 6 (Houston Office)

Marie Gallegos, ODS-C (Team Lead), 713-767-3183
Nadeeja Senanayake, ODS-C, 512-776-2276

Texas Department of State Health Services 
Texas Cancer Registry 
5425 Polk Ave., Ste J
Houston, TX 77023-1497 
Phone: 713-767-3000