COVID-19 and Newborn Hearing Screening

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) altered guidance on newborn hearing screening protocols?

No. Continue to follow national 1-3-6 guidelines and best practices. However, DSHS recognizes that healthcare providers may need to adjust newborn hearing screening protocols due to circumstances related to the pandemic. Notify the Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (TEHDI) Program at about any protocol changes. 


My facility is suspending all birth hearing screening. What should we do to ensure all infants are screened without delay? 

Your facility must continue to create a record in the TEHDI Management Information system for each birth. Contact OZ Systems for help

Once your facility resumes hearing screening services, contact families to encourage them to bring the infant back for the screening. 


My facility is suspending outpatient screening services. What should we do?

For infants who do not pass the birth screen, inform the physician and the family following normal protocol.  If there are local outpatient screening services available, refer the infant to the most suitable one. If none are available for a referral, wait until your facility resumes outpatient screening services, contact the families and encourage them to bring the infants back for the follow-up screen. 


I have an infant who needs audiological assessment, but the audiology clinic is closed. What should I do?

If an infant needs an audiological assessment and there is no local provider available to perform the evaluation, place that infant on a pending list so that you can make a referral once the provider resumes normal services. 


How should I document in the TEHDI MIS?

Download detailed instructions on how to properly document in the TEHDI MIS during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



TEHDI Program

OZ Systems
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