General License Acknowledgements (GLA)

A GLA is required for certain detecting, measuring, gauging, or controlling devices that are authorized by the general license in Title 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.251(f)(4)(H); and have one of the following sources and activity threshold:

  • 10 millicuries or greater of Cesium-137
  • 1 millicuries or greater of Cobalt-60
  • 1 millicurie or greater of Americium-241 or any other transuranic (e.g., Curium-244, Californium-251) 
  • 0.1 millicuries of Strontium-90

How to apply for a GLA?

To apply for a GLA, submit the following within 30 days of receipt of the device:

How to amend an existing GLA?

To amend an existing GLA, complete and submit the following to

How to terminate a GLA?

Before you can terminate your GLA, ensure any compliance issues, or open enforcement cases are resolved. To terminate a GLA, submit:

  • A request, signed by management or the current Responsible Person listed on the GLA.
  • All required attachments such as transfer documentation and results of leak tests.

GLA Contacts

Contact us with questions regarding General License Acknowledgements.

GLA Questions

Phone: 512-834-6661 

GLA Compliance and Inspection Questions

Phone: 512- 834-6676  

GLA Fee Questions

Phone: 512-231-5623