Radioactive Material Licensing


The NRC has issued an Order that immediately suspends the general license authority to export special nuclear material, source material, or deuterium for nuclear end use to the People’s Republic of China. Exporters must now apply for a specific license in accordance with NRC regulation.  The provided link to the Federal Register details this effective order.

2023-17394.pdf (

Send all applications with fees to:

Department of State Health Services
Cash Receipts Branch – MC 2003
PO Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347

To minimize delays in processing radioactive material renewal and amendment applications, submit documents to

Important Notice for Licensees Subject to Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material (formerly Increased Controls)

License Category

The Radioactive Materials Licensing Unit issues licenses that authorize the following uses of radioactive material:

For Medical Use:

  • Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Unit
  • Manual Brachytherapy Sources
  • Medical Therapy (Sealed or Unsealed Source)
  • Mobile Medical Services
  • Nuclear Medicine (Diagnostic)
  • Nuclear Pharmacy
  • Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Remote Afterloader Units
  • Teletherapy Units

For Non-Medical Use:

  • Decontamination Services (Fixed Site/Mobile)
  • Fixed gauges
  • Industrial radiography (Fixed Facility/Temporary Field Site)
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of gauging systems
  • Irradiators (Self-Contained, Unshielded)
  • Leak test analysis
  • Manufacturing and Commercial Distribution
  • Mobile Scanning Service
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)-Commercial Processing
  • Neutron Generator Target (Sealed)
  • Portable Gauge (Spinning Pipe-Thickness/Portable)
  • Research & Development
  • Sealed Source Evaluations
  • Well logging

How to apply for a radioactive material license?

To apply for a radioactive material license, you will need:

Tips for completing and submitting an application:

  • Provide enough detail to demonstrate that your equipment, facilities, training, experience, and radiation protection program are adequate to protect health and safety and minimize danger to life and property.
  • Email a copy of the completed application to
  • Mail the check or money order with the required fee and a copy of RC Form 252-2 “Application for Radioactive Material License” to the address on the form.
  • Contact us with questions or 512-834-6661.

How to renew your radioactive material license?

You must submit a complete application for license renewal at least 30 days before the expiration date in condition 4 of your license. PAYMENT OF YOUR BIENNIAL FEE DOES NOT RENEW YOUR LICENSE.

A complete license renewal application includes:

You do not need to submit qualifications for individuals already listed on the license.

Regulatory guides provide more information on how to prepare the application. They can be located here

Email the completed application to

How to request an amendment to a radioactive material license?

You must apply for and receive a license amendment before making changes to your radiation protection program such as:

  • Changing the RSO.
  • Receiving or using radioactive material not authorized on your current license.
  • Adding or changing the areas in which you use or store radioactive material.
  • Changing the address(es) of where you use or store radioactive material.
  • Changing authorized users named on your license.
  • Changing operating, safety, and emergency procedures.

Tips for Amendment Requests

  • Include your license number on the request.
  • Date your request.
  • Clearly describe what changes you need and why you need them.
  • Include supporting documentation such as facility diagrams, training documents, or revisions to your operating, safety, and emergency procedures.
  • The request must be signed by either the radiation safety officer or a member of management.
  • There is no fee required to amend a license.

Send the request to

Common Amendment Requests

Below are guidelines for submitting common amendment requests. If you need to make a change to your license that is not described below, refer to the Application or Regulatory Guide for your license type.

Change the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

To request an RSO change for your license you must submit:

Change the Associate Radiation Safety Officer (ARSO) and Site Radiation Safety Officer (SRSO)

To request a change or add an ARSO or SRSO to your license, submit ONE of the model forms or provide your own equivalent:

For Medical Use:

For Non-Medical Use:

Add an Authorized User (AU)

To add an authorized user to the license, submit ONE of the following:

  • The number of a Department RAM license on which the physician was listed as an AU within the past 7 years for the same uses you are ; or
  • A copy of an Agreement State or Nuclear Regulatory Commission RAM license on which the physician was listed as an AU within the past 7 years for the same uses you are requesting; or
  • A copy of an accepted board certification issued within the last 7 years. You can review accepted board certifications by visiting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Medical Uses Licensee Toolkit; or
  • The applicable form(s) for the types of use(s):
    • NRC Form 313A (AUD) – AU for Uptake, Dilution, and Excretion Studies; Imaging and Localization Studies, Sealed Sources for Diagnosis
    • NRC Form 313A (AUT) – Use of Unsealed RAM for which a Written Directive is Required (Including I-131)
    • NRC Form 313A(AMP) – Authorized Medical Physicist or Ophthalmic Physicist
    • NRC Form 313A(ANP) – Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist
    • NRC Form 313A (AUS) – Manual Brachytherapy, Ophthalmic Use of Sr-90, Remote Afterloaders, Teletherapy Units, or Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units

Add an additional use or storage location

Condition 9 of your license limits you to certain storage or use locations. To add a new location, submit:

  • The complete address of the proposed site including street address, city, including zip code and suite number, if applicable.
  • Identify the owner of the property.
  • If you lease or rent, provide a letter from the property owner or owner’s agent acknowledging radioactive material will be used or stored on the premises.
  • Detailed location information for your license type:

Remove a use or storage location

To remove a location submit:

How to terminate a radioactive material license?

Before you can terminate your license, ensure any compliance issues, or open enforcement cases are resolved. To terminate a license, submit:

Email the completed form and supporting documentation to

Change in Control and Bankruptcy

You are required to notify the Department in writing in advance of a change in control and/or bankruptcy.

Rule Guide 8.1, “Guidance about Changes of Control and about Bankruptcy” provides detailed information on the licensing and notification process and how to complete the transfer of control application.

Complete and submit the following:

  • A signed letter by a member of management or the radiation safety officer describing the transaction.
  • Appendix B: Transfer of Control Application Form [only for a Change in Control]
  • RC 252-1, Business Information Form 
  • Transferee’s Commitment to Abide by the Transferor’s Commitments.  You can use the example or an equivalent document. Example
  • Only for Bankruptcy: Appendix C: Suggested Format for Requests for Additional Information Regarding Bankruptcy or an equivalent document

Email the completed form and supporting documentation to