If you wish to come into Texas to use radioactive material under your own state or NRC-specific license, you must apply for reciprocal recognition for your state's license to work in Texas. If approved, we will send you an authorization letter allowing you to work in Texas. The reciprocity agreement is in effect for two years. We ask that you give us 72 hours' notice each time you enter the state to perform work.

How to apply for reciprocity?

To apply for reciprocity submit:

Prior to performing radiation work in Texas, submit RC Form 252-3, “Notice of Intent to Work in the State of Texas Under Reciprocity” to or fax to 512-483-3430.

Contact us with questions regarding a reciprocity.

Reciprocity Questions


Phone: 512-834-6661 

Reciprocity Compliance and Inspection Questions

Email: Eric Skotak

Phone: 512- 834-6676  

Reciprocity Fee Questions

Email: Jeff Wolfe

Phone: 737- 218-7701