RAM Biennial Fees Online Payment Instructions

1. Licenses & Payment Methods Supported

Only radioactive materials licenses and general license acknowledgements may pay for biennial fees online. If your license number does not begin with "L" or "G", then you will need to submit fees by mail. 

Payments must be made through electronic check (ACH). Credit card payment is not currently available for these license types. 

2. Login to the Online Licensing System 

Begin by opening the Regulatory Services online licensing system

Using a smartphone to access this system is not recommended. This system works best when accessed by a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Mobile data connections are also not recommended, as dropped network signal may result in loss of data. 

Choose to either register as a new user, or login using your existing credentials. If registering as a new user, an email will be sent confirming the new account. This email will contain a temporary password, which will need to be changed after logging in. 

Please have your bill in hand when accessing this system. 

3. Add a License to Your Account 

If the license is already shown on the Quick Start menu under the "Manage your license information" section, proceed to the verify information section, below. 

If the license is not present on the Quick Start Menu, add the registration by selecting the "Add Licenses to Registration" button, as shown in the image below. 

4. Verify Information 

On the Quick Start Menu page, verify that the license has been added under the "Manage your license information" section, and click the "Select" button next to the license. 

4.1. Verify Billing Information 

On the "Contact Information" page, note the billing address, as this is what we have on file. If the billing address is incorrect or needs to be change, contact the agency at 512-231-5623. If the billing address is correct, click "Next". An application summary screen will appear. Review the details, and click on the “Submit” button. 

4.2. Attestation 

The attestation statement screen will appear. Click "Yes," then select the “Next” button. 

4.3. Payment Summary 

On the "Fee and Summary Report" page, the total amount due is listed. Click on the “Pay Now” button or select "Pay Later" to defer payment until a later time. 

5. Paying Later 

If the "Pay Later" option was selected on the, the invoice will be saved and can be accessed at a later time. 

When ready to make payment, login to the online licensing website, and select “Pay for Online Applications” from the Quick Start Menu. 

6. Submit a Payment 

On the "Online Application Payment" screen, choose which fees you wish to pay by selecting the checkboxes to the right of each fee. Select your payment type (ACH or credit card), then click the “Next” button. Verify the payment data on the "Confirm Payment Details" screen, and click the "Next" button. Fill in the Customer Information and Payment Info sections and click "Next" to submit payment. A receipt is available for completed payments.

7. Contact Information 

For further help and assistance, contact us at: 

Email: Jeff Wolfe 
Phone: 737-218-7701 
Fax: 512-834-6717