How to Avoid Compliance Problems Relating to Radioactive Material Licenses


2. Know what radioactive material your license authorizes you to use. The license specifies the isotope, curie quantity, make and model of the device and its use.

3. Verify that your license is correct, that what you requested on your application, amendment request or renewal is what you received. Or, that you understand why your request was not granted.

4. Specific variances or exemptions from Department of State Health Services (DSHS) regulations must be requested in writing with compelling evidence as to why it should be granted.

5. You are responsible for compliance with the sections of the DSHS regulations listed on your license unless specifically exempted.

6. Read and be familiar with your operating, safety and emergency procedures.

7. You will be inspected for compliance with your operating, safety and emergency procedures submitted with your application, as well as DSHS regulations and other correspondence listed in the last condition of your license.

8. Requests for changes to your Radioactive Material license should be sent to the attention of the specific licensing program. (i.e. Industrial Licensing, Medical Licensing, General License Acknowledgment)

9. You must request an amendment to your license when something on the license has changed. (i.e. company name, address, new storage location, termination of storage location, etc.)

10. You may not designate a new individual as the radiation safety officer or change a storage location without PRIOR approval from the Agency.

11. Your license does not automatically terminate on the expiration date. However, the authorization to use radioactive material does expire.

12. Failure to pay your license fee DOES NOT terminate your license. You must request termination of your license in writing or license fees, which you will be responsible for, will continue to accrue. Continued failure to pay license fees may result in collection by the Texas Attorney General's Office.

13. Payment of the license fee DOES NOT renew your license.

14. Do not hesitate to contact the Radiation Control Program concerning your Radioactive Material License or a compliance matter. Really, we are here to help you.