National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS) for Tuberculosis Programs

NEDSS Support

Communicating with the DSHS TB and Hansen’s Disease Unit

NEDSS Training Courses for Regional and Local Health Departments

Course Number Course Name


Navigating NEDSS and Starting a TB Patient File


TB Investigations Overview


Open Investigations and Custom Queues


Managing TB Laboratory Reports


Addressing Notifications


Contact Investigations


NEDSS TB Resources

Resource Name Location/Format Revision Date
Texas NEDSS User Guide for Tuberculosis Programs Texas NEDSS User Guide for Tuberculosis Programs.pdf 2/20/2024
Texas NEDSS Data Entry Guide for Tuberculosis Programs Texas NEDSS Data Entry Guide for Tuberculosis Programs.pdf 2/20/2024
NEDSS Jurisdiction List for Tuberculosis Users NEDSS TB Jurisdictions.pdf 2/5/2024
DSHS Epi Case Criteria and Case Definitions for Public Health Surveillance Epi Case Criteria for TB.pdf 1/1/2018
CDC Report of a Verified Case of TB (RVCT) Data Collection Form     RVCTReportingForm.doc (  10/29/2019
Report of Verified Case of Tuberculosis (RVCT 2020) Instruction Manual Report of Verified Case of TB (RVCT 2020) Instruction Manual.pdf 8/1/2021
CDC Latent TB Infection Surveillance System (TBLISS) Data Collection Form TBLISSTemplate.doc (  10/16/2019
Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Surveillance Manual Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Surveillance Manual.pdf 6/1/2023

Entering TB Therapy into NEDSS: DOT and Other Administered Doses

Entering Tuberculosis Therapy into NEDSS Database: Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) and Other Administered Doses 1/22/2024
Texas TB Public Health Program Contacts TB Contacts ( 9/6/2023


NEDSS Training Modules for Data Entry Contractors

Module Number Module Name Exercises Answer Keys to Exercises


Navigating the Interface

Exercise 1

Answer Key 1


Search and Create

Exercise 2

Answer Key 2


Add a Tuberculosis (2020 RVCT) Investigation

Exercise 3

Answer Key 3


Patient, Case Info, and TB History Tabs

Exercise 4, 5, 6

Answer Key 4, 5, 6


Tuberculosis, TB Disease Only, and Comprehensive TB Treatment Details Tab

Exercise 7, 8, 9

Answer Key 7, 8, 9


MDR TB and Supplemental Info Tabs

Exercise 10

Answer Key 10


Contact Investigation Tab

Exercise 11

Answer Key 11


Entering LTBI Data

Exercise 12

Answer Key 12


Returning to the Case Info Tab to Complete the Record

Exercise 13

Answer Key 13


Contact Records Tab

Exercise 14

Answer Key 14