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The purpose of the Texas Birth Registrar Certification is to improve birth registration in Texas by standardizing data collection and entry. Improving birth registration is critical to make sure Texans receive valid birth certificates, and that the data represents their health.

The state of Texas collaborates with a variety of state and federal partner agencies. These agencies include but are not limited to

  • Social Security Administration
  • State Passport Agency
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)



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Birth Data Quality

Birth records provide important public health information. The data must be accurate, complete, and measurable. Statistical data impacts the general health of Texas because it relates directly to research, public health programs, medical practices, and funding.


There are several tools available to assist the birth registrar in collecting complete and accurate data from the parents of the child as well as the medical staff.

Parent Worksheet and Medical Data Worksheet

The information on these worksheets assists in filling out the birth record as completely and accurately as possible.

Once the information is collected and entered into the system, the Facts of Birth Report should be printed, reviewed, and signed by the parents of the child.


Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP)

If the mother and father of the child are not married, an AOP should be completed. Birth Registrars are required to receive training and certification for this process annually from the Attorney General’s Office.

TX Attorney General

Center for Health Statistics

The Vital Events Data Management team develops, analyzes, and distributes public health data from records of vital events. The team also replies to statistical data requests and develops the Texas Vital Statistics Annual Report.


Information Collection Strategies

Sometimes collecting complete and accurate information can be difficult and time-consuming. Below are a few suggestions for making the process more efficient and productive.

  • Introduce yourself to the parent(s) of the child before requesting information.
  • Familiarize yourself with the parent's situation and make a positive first impression with the parent(s).
  • Leave a parent's worksheet (PDF) with the parent to review and fill out before you meet with them to complete the information-gathering process. This way, if they have any questions they can ask when you meet together.
  • Put together a fact sheet that addresses the most common concerns parents have about giving information for the birth record and hand that out along with the parent's worksheet (PDF).
    • Include why it is so important to receive accurate and complete information.
  • Arrange an appointment in advance to meet with the parent(s) and finalize information on the parent's worksheet/birth record.
    • A mother may want to meet with or without the father present.
    • Allow parents to select the most comfortable time to present the information as completely and accurately as possible.
  • Have the facility implement a policy that includes the medical staff involved with the birth of the child in recording information about the birth process on the medical worksheet.
  • Once the medical worksheet is complete, have the medical staff perform a quick review to assure the information is accurate and complete.
  • When information has been entered into the system, print the Facts of Birth Report and have the parent sign the report. This is your assurance that the parent agrees the entered information is accurate and complete.

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Remote Birth Issuance

The TxEVER Fee Module Remote Birth issuance is the same process used by the state.

The following process should be completed every time the module is used.

  1. Customer accurately and completely fills out and submits request application.
  2. Customer submits valid government-issued photo identification.
  3. Local registrar's office reviews the application for accuracy, completeness, and eligibility.
  4. Local registrar's office reviews identification for accuracy and validity.
  5. Local registrar's office collects the required fee (as agreed in the Remote Issuance state contract).
  6. Local registrar's office has a choice of issuing a copy from their records or using the TxEVER Fee Module to issue copy.
  7. If issuing from TxEVER Fee Module, employee logs on to the system using their unique ID and password.
  8. Employee locates the requested record and issues copy.

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Communication Tools

Birth Certificate Poster

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Birth Certificate Brochure

DSHS Birth Certificate Brochure

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